Denon avr-4500h sub problem while streaming from TV


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Hi all,
HELP NEEDED!!! 🤷‍♂️😅I'm a newbie in Hi-fi world, so looking for advise...
Recently setup my avr-x4500h receiver (at the moment 2 front-Definitive speakers,B&W centre speaker and active subwoofer - Yamaha NS-SW300-connected through mono and subwoofer 1 with double shielded RCA Pro series cable )
My receiver and tv(sonny bravia KD-65XG8796) connected with sandstorm gold hdmi cable (21GB/s).
So I noticed when I playing YouTube on my phone through Bluetooth with receiver, subwofer sounds amazingly strong, rich and deep bass, basically I need to put subwofer volume down to 25% and walls are shaking 😅, but when I'm playing anything from TV (netflix, iptv, YouTube) subwofer volume need to go up to 60% to be noticible and is not sound that rich and deep anymore!!! Which is doesn't makes any sence coz through phone Bluetooth it's sounds perfectly fine and strong! So that something wrong with TV, hdmi, cables or something else? Could be something with TV while transmitting audio trough hdmi or is worth it to buy something like 8k hdmi cable, or try optical cable and see if it will have same problem!
Speakers sound perfectly fine trough both Bluetooth and TV, only subwofer volume been "killed" when paying from TV Thanks for help in advance😊
P. S. SUB is on LFE 120Hz, all settings (levels, crossovers, tune, decibels) for both inputs TV and Bluetooth are the same, but subwoofer sounds 50% better on same volume while streaming from phone through Bluetooth 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Hdmi connected to eARC/ARC on TV and monitor 1 ARC on denon (video setting is on 4K Enhanced for both TV and receiver)
Any ideas?
Thank you


The sub should have the same volume not matter what the source is. With bluetooth you will be receiving a stereo signal and the bass is being outputted by via the DSU. Unfortunately bluetooth is not the best quality, certainly not as good as wifi and nowhere near a hard connection. If your attention is drawn to the sub with the music and you tell where the bass is coming from then that's not really what you want. Bass is omnidirectional and should fill the room and not be isolated.

Do you have a hard wired connection for stereo to check? As for 5.1 from the TV then that is probably correct if you have calibrated the sub into the system. Check your level for the sub, you need to be looking at -6dB or less after calibration. You can adjust up by a couple of dB.

Post a screen shot of your calibrated readings.


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Thanks for respond Gibbsy,
So I know that volume need to be the same on any input I use, that's why I can't put my head around it about the subwoofer why it sound so differently...
I'm this case sub sounds better in Bluetooth mode then TV mode with is dolby atmos/dolby atmos + changing automatically from the source.
I did Audyssey setup so sub is calibrated in the system just done some manual adjustments on levels to fit my taste :) sub is placed in correct spot correct distance from wall ant other speackers.
I only hardwired front speackers ant biwired centre speaker with 12awg cable - these are playing perfectly fine, subwoofer only wired with RCA Pro series subwofer cable 1 end in subwoofer mono second end in receiver sub 1 (these are right connection in my setup and plays very well)
I can adjust sub trough levels, hz, and tune so plenty of room for adjustments but like I said in both options sound fills the room and is enough of bass just on Bluetooth mode I only need to use subwoofer by 25% to achieve that what I need and when changing to TV audio I need to put subwoofer volume up by 45% more to achieve the same bass sound level as it was on 25% on Bluetooth mode🤔 that's why I'm lost in here...
It could be the case thats how my TV and denon transmitting sub signal or I may need to check other hdmi cables with more gb per second it may change something, existing hmi already faster then required 18gb/s.
Or maybe just put optical cable alone and see if it sounds the same?!

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