Denon AVR-4308CI Vs Denon AVC-A11XV Vs AVP-A1HD Vs A11SR VS A1SR All First Rate reference outstanding Models!!!


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Hi Everyone, I owed my Denon 4308 scene December 2020 purchased it from a private seller in virtually mint condition. I owned several Denon amps over the past 25 years being Denon 3803-3805 and X4100W.

Out of all those amps the 4308 more or less wipes the floor with them sonic wise. To the extent that I can honestly say the 4308 is by far the finest AV AMP iv ever owned its that bloody good!!. I listen to alot of 2-channal audio with my current Marantz SA-15S1 Player and they together an absolute dream team the sonic quality of the 4308 is nothing short of outstanding its that fxxing good.

Possibly because of the very special "Advance AL24 Processing Plus" DAC's it uses which was exclusive to this model and the it's bigger brother....

Anyhow... How does the Denon AVC-A11XV A compare as its a few year before the 4308 came out which was 2007-08.

Any idea would the Denon AVC-A11XVA be night and day difference sonic wise. Remembering the 4803 was around £2K + when it came out.

Be great to here some comments with folks that have owned these amps.

The 4308 has HDMI 1.3a which surports Lossless Formats such as Dolby True HD & DTS-HD Master which is a must. Also the 4308 has HDMI-CES a pre-runner to ARC uses 2 cables but it works. 😊👍


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Yeah I also saw that however I'm holding out for a decent AVC-A1HD its bloody rare but keeping fingers crossed 🤞.. That will replace my awe dropping Denon AVR-4308CI which I'll never sell I'll keep that and give it to my parents maybe. Untill then it's 👀. One of the finest AV AMPs Denon ever sold from that particular period.

I actually found the original HiFi News review for the 4308 the other day if you are interested!
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@shug4476 Hiya Buddy, Yes please!.

Iv read various reviews online one being from Audioholics and they could not praise it high enough at that time.

Yep I used to read Hifi News, What hifi, Hi Word Home Cinema pretty much all of them back then. I went to the all the hifi shows back when they were in London. Noveltel Hotel in Hammersmith West London. When Stuff Live was down stairs and what hifi had pretty much all of the upper floors. I also used to go to High End show at Heathrow that was during September.
For around 1998-2009 was probably the golden period for Arcam, Denon, Sony, Marantz, Pionner, Yamaha.

I remember Denon had 2 huge rooms to show case the original A11SR and A1SR then 3805 ect.

Arcam had one massive room show casing their huge stacks of Monoblocks...

Its nothing like that now that's for sure. Hhh the memories 👍😎.

Sorry could not help to mention that. Lol🙂
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Hi @shug4476... And all... Well I did some searching and I acutally found a bloody good article.

Based on the proberly the very last "proper" Denon Flagship Processor and or AVC AMP lineup Denon ever Produced.. Come on let's face it the current 8500 is fantastic but in my opinion no way near enough to the flagship standards of Denon AVC-A1HD of 2009!. Yeah sure the current 8500 has all the latest bells and Whistles but put me In front of both ill still grab and run the A1HD any day I mean just look at it. (nerdgasum) here lol. 😁.

Anyhow reading the article is speaks about the A1HD and makes a firm note on the 4308CI and even the DVD-3930CI. In which I recently grabed a mint unit.

One of the reasons why the 4308CI is very unique is simply because their are peaces of hardware that Denon fitted into the 4308CI which only the A1HD had. As for example

Remember this was 2007-09 period so Denon was way ahead of the game as ussal...

Denons "Advanced AL24 Processing Plus" not the standard AL24 Plus! Very high quality DAC's fitted.
WiFi & Rj45 network DLNA
DAB & AM/FM Radio
Internet Radio
All connections at the back are all fitted with Gold Plated plugs.
Ability to not only BI-AMP but to change assign back channals to "BI-WIRE " mode so re-routes the fronts channals completely away from the main speaker terminal bank for much improved signal flow and lower Nosie leval and less RFI.

I have acutally wired up my 4308CI in this mode and it definitely makes a noticeable difference.
By engaging BI-WIRE or BI-WIRE modes for either 2-Channal pure direct mode or full 7.1 /5.1 channal mode it spreads the power out more evenly basicly running the AMP in a far more efficient way which means it will hopefully last longer.

So Denon realy went all the way with the 4308CI.. I have done some more research and the repmacment modes that preceded the 4308CI definitely had all these hardware and or softwares taken away or dropped.

4310, 4311 none of these models moving farward has any of these at all.

In fact 4310 onwards only had Denons standard "AL24 Processing Plus " fitted this is clear to see another object which was dropped again to spare monies spent.

Attention to detials here folks and you should expect this spending £2k+ on an AV AMP

The badge in the 4308CI has a proper embossed badge showing bang in the middle top of the amp "Advanced AL24 Processing Plus "

Look carefully and the replacement models from 2010 4310,4311 ect only has printed AL24 Processing Plus" on the front flap.

Also the acutal "Denon Link" badge has a proper fitted badge on the front flap on the 4308CI look again on the 4310,4311 it's just printed.

So my point is it's both the hardwares fitted as well as design build quality the "attention to detials" that you certainly expect when you spend this type of moneys.

Yes 4310, 4311 had newer hardware 3D ect and possibly newer processors for digital AV side but at a cost which of you look and read closely a pay attention it's all their.

So this brings be Stright back to the Main article here which definitely proves the point...

Only 4308CI & A1HD had more or less the same hardware fitted!! Which includes all what I mentioned above.

So the AV-3808 (model below in the range) is still a outstanding AV AMP for sure theirs no dought about that however...

If you can grab or find like me which took me a fair bit of time a 4308CI in pretty condition that sits above the rest in my opinion.

If I get the chance and can find a decent AVC-A1HD then I'll definitely going for it thats for sure.

For me it's all about the the sonics and attention to detials that Denon and the engineers set out for the 4308CI and for me it truly delivers on that level no question about that!!.

Iv boasted about the DVD3930 which has badly been undersold that's for sure.

If you can grab either these models I truly believe this would be the ultimate for me anyway..

AVR-4308CI & DVD-3930 CI (current system with Marantz SA-15S1)
then upgrade to AVR-A1HD and possibly
Denon DBP-4010UDCI Universal Blu-ray player!

A1HD & 4010UI are pretty hard to find in sale that's for sure.

For now for me I'm very very impressed and super happy with what I have.

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Back to this chestnut. I’m afraid I’m really missing my Denon on the front speakers. The Arcam is too soft in comparison. Given I’m a penny pincher, and don’t need the amp for more than Netflix, ps5 and downloads, I’m thinking of buying a vintage Denon. I could live with optical links, though hdmi would be nice to have.

On that basis what would you choose between a 4308 and an A1SE? Other vintage Denon amps would be considered!
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Back to this chestnut. I’m afraid I’m really missing my Denon on the front speakers. The Arcam is too soft in comparison. Given I’m a penny pincher, and don’t need the amp for more than Netflix, ps5 and downloads, I’m thinking of buying a vintage Denon. I could live with optical links, though hdmi would be nice to have.

On that basis what would you choose between a 4308 and an A1SE? Other vintage Denon amps would be considered!
Well both are exemplary pieces of kits!. A11SR is still great to use as a Stereo Amplifier however it's very out of date DAC wise. The 4308CI is way superior on that front. The A11SR has only 24bit 96khz DACS it's bigger brother A1SR acutally had 24bit 192khz DACS and was a few year newer.

A11SR is perfectly fine for 2-channal audio and obviously will still sound fantastic however it will not handle Hi-Res audio you would have to use Pre-outs on the A11SR and use a newer more upto date external DAC and use the A11SR as a amplifier only. Or

Personally get a decent condition 4308CI which is years newer 2007-08. The A11SR was around 2000-03.

The 4308CI has some very classy internal DACS which it shared with its bigger brother 5308CI 24bit 192khz and in Dual - Stereo differential mode. Not to mention Denon absolutely installed mostly the same quality components in the 4308ci from the 5308CI model. 4308ci are now starting to get harder to buy in decent condition now purely because folks are more reluctant to sell them because of its very high standards and specifications. It took me well over 6 months to grab hold of a 4308ci that was in almost mint condition and hardly used.

Personally I would go for 4308ci any day as even in 2021 it still stands its ground has amazing quality components stacked with "Advanced AL24 processing plus" DACS not the standard "AL24 Prosessing DACS" which was fitted as standard. 4308ci is a very rare breed as its replacement model 4310CI 2009-10 Denon already started to strip out hardware so the 4308ci definitely was a unique one off model!

Each to their own at the end of the day parts for both models obviously will be hard to get but if you one either from a decent good home and it's been faily well treated then it should last you for years. These models were built to very high quality standards during and throughout those years from 1999 to around 2010. Majority of folks on here will definitely agree on that front.


These are the very finest AV Amps Denon ever produced sadly never to be seen again! 😔😪
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If your sole concern is sound quality I would say go for the A1SE. If you are also concerned about features, usability, and still want good sound quality, the 4308 is an excellent choice.
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