denon avr-4306 or onkyo 905 or ???


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hi, im a newbie and trying to get to grips with all this technology. i want to buy a system that's going to last and won't make me wish i'd bought something else. i am going to install ae aego t speakers but can't decide on which receiver to get.

so, what should i get?


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Try both, i'd prefer the Denon personally between the two, but my choice would be the Yamaha RXV3800, stonkingly good amp....makes 3005SE's sound amazing!


Follow Helicon's advice. Listen to both and buy the one that sounds good to you. Trust your own ears.


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I have had a 4306 (it is now discontinued) for about a year, and am reasonably impressed with the audio side of the receiver compared to my Krell amp.
It does a reasonable job of upscaling video to 1080i and has lots of connections.
Here are the issues you face though:

1. It does not upscale to 1080p and is not HDMI 1.3 compliant
2. It will not handle the latest HD based True Dolby Hd sound formats.
3. It is therefore not future proof. So if you are upgrading the rest of yr Av kit to blue ray or HD DVD you should consider the 4308 as it is as future proof as anything can be (this week in any case!)

If you are more concerned with the audio side of things you should look at other audio based receivers/amps.

Things ain't simple any more!

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