Denon AVR 3803 periodocally entering standby mode - overheating?


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(repost from Integrated Amplifiers and Receivers) thread.

My Denon AVR 3803 periodically shuts itself down into standby mode, with a little red light flashing. If I switch Zone2 off and switch the receiver back on, it usually comes back up and continues normally. However, occasionally it shuts itself off again a few seconds or minutes later.

The receiver is sitting inside a Quadraspire QK Cabinet. There is a little ventilation to the sides (about 2cm), but the top of the receiver has a good 10cm or so of clearance between it and the next shelf up. Although the top of the receiver feels quite warm to the touch, it doesn't feel blisteringly hot. I have checked all the speaker terminals for any stray strands of wire causing possible shorts. (There were none).

The fact that this happens after a period of time suggests this is an overheating problem. But I am not sure. The receiver shut down last night during the climactic battle of Return of the King. Very annoying! After I switched off Zone2, it powered up and shut down once more, second attempt at restart was successful (no more shutdowns). Previously I was using a Sony TV stand to store the Denon. There was even less ventilation space in there and I never had this problem. Anyone got any ideas?

Some extra info. The equipment in the rack is ordered (top to bottom)

Sony VCR Recorder (can't remember model)
Panasonic DMR-EH80 DVD/HD Recorder
Pace SKY+ Decoder
Denon AVR 3803
Powerstrip + plugs, AC adaptors.

The cabinet has glass shelves inside, and is open at the back. It has a glass door (which is typically closed).

Any ideas?



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Could be overheating. Easiest way to check is to leave it out of the cabinet for a film (if possible) and see what happens.


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They can cope with a fairly high ambient room temperature as long as they have space around them. Have had my Denon's running in 35ºC+. Got rather hot to the touch but never shut down.

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Normal convention is to put the amp at the top with something cool running below it.

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