Denon AVR 3803 periodocally entering standby mode - overheating?


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My Denon AVR 3803 periodically shuts itself down into standby mode, with a little red light flashing. If I switch Zone2 off and switch the receiver back on, it usually comes back up and continues normally. However, occasionally it shuts itself off again a few seconds or minutes later.

The receiver is sitting inside a Quadraspire QK Cabinet. There is a little ventilation to the sides (about 2cm), but the top of the receiver has a good 10cm or so of clearance between it and the next shelf up. Although the top of the receiver feels quite warm to the touch, it doesn't feel blisteringly hot. I have checked all the speaker terminals for any stray strands of wire causing possible shorts. (There were none).

The fact that this happens after a period of time suggests this is an overheating problem. But I am not sure. The receiver shut down last night during the climactic battle of Return of the King. Very annoying! After I switched off Zone2, it powered up and shut down once more, second attempt at restart was succesful (no more shutdowns). Previously I was using a Sony TV stand to store the Denon. There was even less ventilation space in there and I never had this problem. Anyone got any ideas?

Some extra info. The equipment in the rack is ordered (top to bottom)

Sony VCR Recorder (can't remember model)
Panasonic DMR-EH80 DVD/HD Recorder
Pace SKY+ Decoder
Denon AVR 3803
Powerstrip + plugs, AC adaptors.

The cabinet has glass shelves inside, and is open at the back. It has a glass door (which is typically closed).

Any ideas?



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well i have a 3803 myself, fully open rack tho, with a good 10inches of space above it.....

never had it shut down on me once, and i'm running all the speakers you see below at quite loud volumes for most of the evening sometimes........

could be your amp is wearing out somewhere inside, sumfin might need to get it checked out now before it does damage to other parts......

i'd repost this btw in the Denon Forum further down the list here btw, more folks there to answer about this model i'd wager......

try taking it out of the cabinet and just stick it on a table in front of the cabinet for an evening, run it as you usually do when it cuts off and see if it cuts off....if it doesnt then it means your cabinet is giving it crap ventilation and you'lll have to take the doors off possibly....if it does cut off then i'd get it seen to.....


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Thanks for that. I have stuck a thermometer in there to see how hot it gets after a couple of hours of moderate use (after 30 mins it has reached 31C, (87.8F).

(I have reposted in Denon thread as per your suggestion. Cheers. I am a bit of a newbie.)

I will experiment with leaving the door open if it cuts again. Then I will try your suggestion (bit of a wiring nightmare, so will leave until last!).

From the owners manual, I doubt it has enough breathing space at the sides. I am confused as to why this never happened in the old rack though. It was just as cosy in there (more so at the top!). Maybe the glass shelves are leading to poor heat distribution. (Old cabinet was all wood/MDF).


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