Denon AVR-3802 OSD Scroll/Select not working



The OSD on my Denon AVR-3802 comes up via the S-Video connection but I am unable to select or scroll any of the options. (using the System Setup, Cursor, and Enter buttons on the remote with new batteries)

I haven't used this receiver for several years so I have either forgotten how to use it or something broke (my bet is on the first)... :)

I've been trying and researching for the last two days - please help (I only have little hair left!)
Make sure the remote is set to AMP. If I remember correctly it has a little LCD screen at the top and below that are the different source equipment buttons. Press the Receiver button and the LCD should change to AMP or RECEIVER.
Thank you for the reply - that's the part I was missing! I had to push the Tuner button a couple times for the "AMP" option to show up in the little window of the remote!!!! Thank you again!!!!!!!!!!

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