Denon AVR-3802 / Audiolab 8000S music upgrade

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by jacklelad, Jul 7, 2004.

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    I'm confused as to my next upgrade having read extensively ...
    Currently all cinema is through the Denon (fs2AV speakers) and all music is through the Audiolab (Mission 752 Freedom). Priority is to improve the music performance from CD (Arcam CD72). All suggestions welcome (I want to keep the Denon, though). Options I have identified are :

    - change front speakers to Kef Q7.
    - use Denon pre-out into Audiolab, but a post said AV pre-amps are not great.
    - Ditch the Audiolab and use the Denon (but is the Denon really better for music than the Audiolab ?).
    - upgrade Audiolab to, say Arcam A85, A90.

    My gut feel is that the Mission's let down the other components. But the Audiolab is long in the tooth too.
    All help appreciated as this decision is driving me crazy !!
    Thanks, Jack
    P.S> Music taste is very eclectic ; everything apart from heavy metal, reggae and opera.

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