Denon AVR 3801 causing a blue stain at the bottom of my screen...


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Picked up a 2nd hand Denon AVR 3801 last Tuesday. Since then, I have noticed a blue stain in the bottom left of the screen of my Panasonic 32PL2. The equipment is housed and on one of those bench type racks from Ikea that has 3 spaces underneath with shelves and castors on the bottom. The amp fills the middle shelf, directly underneath and central to the TV.
It is defo the TV causing the stain, and not a speaker. I know this for 3 reasons...
1. The speakers are M&K LCR 55's and are shielded.
2. They have been there longer than the amp and never caused a problem before.
3. I turned the amp off today and the stain dissapeared.

Anybody any idea what might be causing this? Is it doing any permanent damage to my tube?

Many thanks in advance...:thumbsup:


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Originally posted by Army Bloke

Anybody any idea what might be causing this?
An uneducated guess...magnetism being induced by the Denon transformer. Try to temporarily move the Denon away from your tv (although still connected) and see if the symptoms clear.If they do you may have to look at siting it elsewhere.

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Could well be...when I turn the Denon off (completly, not into standby...), the stain dissapears.
Trouble is, I've got nowhere else to put it...:rolleyes: :suicide:
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