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Hi People,

Just a quick question - im considering the Denon AVR 2805 or the AVR3805, theres about 300 quid difference in them. Anyone got one of these and has any opinions on them?? If so id love to hear them before i take the plunge!! :confused:


Mr Grumpy

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I think this really ought to be in the Integrated Amps and Receivers section but anyway... :)

I recently bought a 3805 (as part of my first HC setup) and am extremely happy with it.
In all honesty the 2805 looks like a fantastic piece of kit and the reviews I have seen would tend to back this up. On paper it [2805] has most of the functionality of it's bigger brother apart from the funky remote and Denon-Link pretty much. If neither of these things are important to you then I'd seriously consider going for the 2805 and spending the money elsewhere, you'll not be disappointed I am sure.

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