Denon avr 2803 V Marantz sr5400ose


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I've narrowed choice to these two, I can get 2803 for £449 and i'm going to demo it, but i can get a 5400ose for £369 but can't get chance to demo it, has anyone done so, I've seen good reviews for the 5400 just wondered has anyone views on whether to keep it in mind or go for 2803. mainly for action movies got some acoustic energy 3b speakers just waiting for some fun !


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The 2803 is probably a better bet against the 5400OSE.

But, for £40 more, you could go for a Marantz SR7400, or even find a Yamaha RXV1400.

Out of the two in your list though, it is a difficult choice. The 2803 will be better with movies (but it is probably going to be difficult to tell to the naked ear), but the Marantz may well have the edge with stereo music.

I have heard the 1803 and 3805 denons, and must say, they do sound nice, but some say they sound muddy.

The Marantz sound is slightly different and tends to have the edge in stereo music, especially in OSE form.

If it was my money though, I'd spend the extra £40 and go for the Yamaha or SR7400.


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I've gone for the denon 2803 £443 amazon
they had 1 1804 for £189 but it had gone buy time i made up my mind missed out there ! thanks for taking time to give me a opinion.

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