Denon AVR 2106 and 5:1 channel surround




Does anyone have this amp, and if so, can they tell me how to change the surround mode to 5:1 and not 7:1. It seems stuck on the later no matter what I do.

And will it actually make any difference?
I don't know this amp at all, but my experience with other units were that in your speakers setup, you set the unused channels to "off" Normally the selection are Large, Small or Off.
That's made the difference BUT...

I can't turn off Left and Right Surround speakers without turning off back surround speakers. This is a problem as I don't have L and R Surround, only 2 back speakers. If I leave it set to 7:1 will it make any difference?
In a 5.1 setup, connections should be Centre, Front left, Front right, Surround left, Surround right. The 'rears' are added for 6.1/7.1.
aye, sounds like you have wired your rear speakers in to the 6/7th channels on the amp.......they should be connected to the side surround channels, those will be the rears in a 5.1 setup.....

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