Denon avr 1912 or onkyo 609


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Nov 8, 2006
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Hi just a quick question I was going to get the denon as i am upgrading my set up but I have just noticed that I can get the onkyo 609 for £50 more, it will run a set of canton movie 125 mx speakers (all my budget will stretch to at the minute), can anyone advise which is a better amp, the denon has airplay and I have alot of iOS products but the plan is to get apple tv at some point so the airplay is not that much of a problem, ideally an advice tonight would be good as the deal on the onkyo ends tonight the onkyo and speakers will cost £700 and the denon and speakers is £600 so basically is the onkyo worth the extra £100
Hi Burny

Which did you go for in the end? Im deliberating between these two also. Cant choose!!!
I ordered the denon mate couldn't justify the extra £100 for possible very small difference and and I get the airplay straight away so I can wait to get ATV, ordered from Peter Tyson, avr 1912 plus canton movie mx125 40m speaker cable + 3m sub cable (prob rubbish but will see) for £599 delivered so quite happy hopefully delivered Monday
Just picked up the denon 1912 for £309 from sevenoaks - now to find the wireless thingy bobby at a decent price to make the use of airplay.

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