Denon Avr-1912 HDMI question


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Hi all

I'm new to this forum and have just purchased the devon avr-1912 and have some questions that I hope you all can help answering,

first problem is that when I'm connecting my samsung bd-6500 to the hdmi input hdmi1(BD) I don't get audio or video on to my Samsung LED tv (ue468005). I have a pc connected to the game1 input and there i works fine, and I tried switching cables.

Second question is how do I get dolby digital / DTS / dolby trueHD audio.
On my receiver it either says NEO6 or multi CH

Hope that some of you can help, many thanks


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Go to the main menu of the Samsung and select settings, under the audio section, select bitstream audiophiles for output.

Check your video setting on the Denon and try Hdmi control to off. If still no video, do a processor reset.

Hope it works.


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jonklee: surprisingly all it needed were a power off the blue ray and it all worked, and thanks for the advice on bitstream

Thanks a lot
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