Denon AVR-1910: Occasional loss of sound


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Hi all,

I have a Sony LCD (KDL-40W4500) connected to the optical-in (TV) on the receiver (brand new AVR-1910). The TV is set up to deliver the sound through the optical-out. So far so good - I have a perfect sound coming from the TV... but... from time to time (once in every 3-4 minutes) the sound disappears for a period of 1-2 seconds. It's like a quick mute/un-mute. The problem exists with mono, stereo and Dolby channels.

This problem is not observed if I use the TV's speakers nor with my old receiver (Logitech).

So far I have tried various settings including Audissey but the problem still exists.

The problem is not the cable, because with the same cable and another receiver everything is OK.

The other optical-in of the Denon is also occupied by a media player and I haven't noticed such problems with the sound.

I'm open to any suggestions...

Thanks in advance!


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Hi mate,

Do you need to change any settings in your TV maybe? E.g. turn internal speakers OFF. That might route all the sound via optical and to your amp. Also have you assigned the optical IN to your TV?




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My settings on the TV are: "Use external audio system". That way the sound is routed to the optical-out of the TV and the TV speakers are turned off. This is the way I'm using this TV for the last year. The only new thing is the Denon 1910 receiver.

It is so strange that my crappy old Logitech Z5450 receiver (part of the speaker set) does not give me such problems.

One more thing I noticed (and I may be wrong) is that the sound disappears more frequently when the sound output from the TV is loud. This is mostly during commercials. Which leads me again to the Audissey.

Yet with the Audissey turned off the problem still exists.

I'm out of ideas...

Brava 210

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I had a similar problem,when connected to my PVR, I had to return it and exchange for a Yamaha 765, all ok now:thumbsup:


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Problem solved!

I tried another (third one) optical cable. With this cable there are no problems. With the other 2 - hiccups again...

The cable I use now is a cheap plastic G&BL (1m long), but the sound is flawless. This is the same cable I used with my old Logitech receiver.

I'm glad the problem turned out to be the easiest to resolve.


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