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I am new the the forums but used the site a lot when choosing my AV setup. I have recently purchased a Denon 1910 AVR and am currently using with a PS3 via HDMI. I am aware of the PS3's inability to decode TrueHD internally and that using the LPCM output allows the receiver to decode the lossless audio itself... but my question is this:

As no Blu-ray yet has a 7.1 soundtrack (to the best of my knowledge), TrueHD is still only 5.1... Am I correct?

Therefore, as the receiver shows no indication that it is decoding the LPCM to dolby (HD, 5.1, or Digital, etc) does anyone know if I will be getting 5.1 with the added 2 rear surrounds (which will be 'simulated' by the AVR), or as in Dolby EX with 6.1, or just 5.1?

It sometimes seems that I can get better sound from Dolby EX from a DVD (via bitstream from the PS3) than I can from a blu-ray with supposed TrueHD. It may well be the difference in films, however I don't own any duplicate dvd and blu-ray films to test with. Specific films in question are The Dark Knight (Blu-Ray) and True Lies (DVD).

Thanks in advance for any help you can give!


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You seem to be wrong about almost every point you raise unfortunately ....

The PS3 IS internally decoding TrueHD to LPCM - the amp then simply outputs LPCM directly - effectively the amp is doing nothing but amplifing.

An example of a disc with TrueHD 7.1 audio is 'Star Trek : The Motion Picture'.... and there are absolutely loads with DTS HD 7.1 much looking did you do ? Any ?

The amp display shows you which channels it is outputting on the right hand side(as well as what's being input- on the left hand side) and tells you what format it is - so for you, from a 5.1 bluray source you would probably want to see 'LPCM + PIIx' - i.e. LPCM + ProLogic IIx to create the extra surround rears.

I'm pretty sure the Dark Knight bluray defaults to standard Dolby Digital unless you specifically choose the TrueHD audio track...are you ?

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