Denon AVR-1910 fault - red ring of death


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Hi all,
So I'm sure this has come up before but my search skills are plagued with impatience :D
My Denon AVR-1910 abruptly stopped working the other day, when I switch it on, it starts going through the start-up progess but then after five second or so switches back off and the red power light surrounding the power button flashes rapidly, which the manual refers to Internal Fault - seek assistance from Denon Support.

So two questions I guess:
1) Has anyone come across this before and is there a DIY fix
2) Given the unit, although in immaculate condition, is 7 years old, is it economically worthwhile even considering getting it repaired or for the money that is going to take should I just be looking to upgrade.

Looking forward to your expert opinions.:thumbsup:


You will have to pay for courier to a Denon repair centre even if you wish to just have an estimate, or you could find a local repairer. However the unit has given seven years of good service and personally I'd be fairly happy with that decide to buy new, the Denon X2300 can be bought for £299 from RS and is a superior receiver to the 1910.

DENON AVRX2300WBlack Atmos AV Receiver

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