Question Denon AVR-1909 Sound Issues


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Ok, so trying to set up the system. We are having trouble getting audio from any of the HDMI inputs.

I have both a Wii U and a DVD/Bluray player plugged in via HDMI, and the TV is receiving picture via HDMI. However, we are not getting any audio from either of the speakers.

Audio works fine on the CD Player and Record Player that are pulled in via analog. Both of those are 30+ years old too, as Dad has kept them in good nick.

It seems to be anything that needs video and audio are not playing audio esenitaly, and we don't know why.

We have tried different cables for HDMIs, but they work fine when being plugged directly into the TV, rather than via the Amp.

We have gone into the menus and made it so each thing only sees one source (HDMI, Component and so on-off).

Any insight or help would be appreciated. Any more info need, just ask. Am not sure what info you would need as this is the first time I am dealing with this kind of system.
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