Denon Avc10se & Po-at10

A friend of mine as offered me £700 for this pair as im upgrading , is this a decent price or should I expect more . They are both gold , boxed and in mint condition.

Ian J

£500 to £550 is the going rate for the 10SE but the power amp is a rarity. There aren't many about and quite a few people after them. They cost £500 new so I would hang out for a bit more.

£800 perhaps for them both.
Thanks Ian , if he isnt interested in £800 I will advertise it on here.


Hi installer09
If you do decide to sell on here i would be interested in your POAT10 :)
I am going to advertise them on here , he couldnt stretch to £800 , thanks Samir , but I really wanted to sell them as a pair. Although if someone wants the just the 10SE I will let you know.

I bought a AV10SE off these Forums and it rocks - too be honest, its far superior the the 3801 I replaced.

I be interested in the POT amp as well....

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