Denon AVC10SE - 7.1 Capable?


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Hi All,

Considering an upgrade to my Sony 930, from previous reports am considering a Denon 10SE. I know that ot has 5 power channels onboard, question is can it decode 6.1/7.1, and can I add a 2 channel power amp and reassign the internal amps to achieve this (the power amp for the front speakers)?



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Just to add to Ian J's clear yes: it's 7.1 capable but misses some of the latest decoding formats. If I remember correctly it does only the matrix formats of Dolby Ex and DTS Es but not DTS Es Discrete (6.1) and DPLII for example.
The biggest advantage I see is the re-routing of the power, a shame that they don't have a newer model which can do that.[The 10SE was replaced with the 11SR which has 7 channels of ampification on board.]
I have the AVC-10SE and the POA-T power amp , I recently listened to the 11SR against it , imo the 10SE is better with the power amp seperate and running the front two channels , in straight stereo it was much better than the 11SR , im not bothered about the couple of missing sound formats so im sticking with it for the moment.

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