Denon AVC-X3700H stereo image and low end bass roll off


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How big is your coffee table?

Should fit all the SACDs on @gibbsy but I'm worried the effect the sound reflections may have?


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I'm sort of a CD person... I buy CDs and then rip them and usually listen to them that way. But shy of buying A) a player that can play SACDs in multichannel format and B) actually finding my music on said format, streaming seemed to be the easiest solution. Not that I ended up keeping Tidal after the trial ran out. Not enough multi-channel music yet to pull me in.

Apologies for diverting the thread.

Most Sony Blu-ray and UHD disc players also play SACD discs. There are other UHD players such as those made by Pioneer and Cambridge Audio that also play them, but they are more expensive.

Oppo also used to include this feature, but no longer make players. The first gen PS3 is also able to play them.


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Most Sony Blu-ray and UHD disc players also play SACD discs.
True, and I did consider this when I was shopping for a 4k player, but ultimately I wanted a player that could auto switch Dolby Vision more. I figured that not having bought SACDs in the last 20 years, I was probably not going to. We'll see if I regret my decision. I'm hoping Dolby Atmos will become more prevalent for music.


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I'm repeating some of the answers you've had sorry but what I've learnt with modern Denon and Audyssey that made it better for music (well and for HC too) was:
1. Run Audyssey with the mic further forward (even though your ears aren't there), mine is approx 70cm from sofa back in all positions.
2. Use FLAT and not REFERENCE.
3. It liked the front speakers slightly toed in, previous AVRs didn't care so much about this. If you take symmetrical lines to a middle placed MLP, mine are at about half of that angle.
4. Make sure Audyssey is on but Dynamic EQ off for music - it totally ruins it in my opinion. And I now don't use it for HC either.
5. Use the app and not the AVR for Audyssey much more tweakable.
6. Turn off "midrange compensation" that totally ruined vocals in music for me.
This is just what I've found of course but you can experiment with some of these things.
Thank you for this! Definitely improved sound for my turntable, as I was using pure direct.

Trying it for HC too now, though with reference... not sure on the midrange being off though as dialogue is a little quiet so have upped the centre channel a little. See how I go.

But for stereo for records works great! Thank. you

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