Denon AVC-X3700H Network Issues


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So I recently purchased a Denon AVC-X3700H. Did the Audyssey Setup and everything was working, except the Ethernet Connection. Wireless works fine but I kept receiving the “Try Again” error when I tried a wired connection.

I changed cables and even restarted my router thus the only issue would be the amp. The cables worked fine when tested with other devices.

However, the main issue is that after the firmware update to a version ending with .82 there will be intermittent stops while listening to internet radio and after awhile the wifi and networks will stop working completely, which results in me being unable to do a network reset as it will just show a blank screen.

I have restored firmware not once but twice and set everything up with Audyssey again which was a hassle and then proceeded to update firmware which resulted in the issue yet again.

Is this a firmware issue or is my amp faulty? I swear I’m gonna flip if I have to run through the entire Audyssey once more. I am currently restoring firmware again and am not going to be updating it and I hope it works, but I don’t think this is a viable solution in the long run.

Has anyone encountered this issue or have knowledge on this? Please give me some advice.


Did you manage to find a solution for this?! You should post as it could help others...


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Same wired problem for me both on a X2700H and X3700H. It does connect after some time until it gets to port https: 10443 and then quits. Interesting is that nmap (after a long time) get's data and also the IObroker app is able to get (all?) data but there is no normal web interface :-(. Definitively a Denon/firmware problem. All my other products work without problems on the same network.
WLAN seems to work, but I want the wired network to work like most of the rest of my products.

I'm thinking of returning the X3700H as well....


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Hi. I just signed to the forum.
Not sure if it is the same issue I want to control my new Denon AVC-X3700H (european version without tuner) thorugh LAN. I also do not see anything on the web page of the device (attached picture).


Can you explain the "nmap" and how it "gets data"?
I dont use IObroker, so that is not a solution for me.
I wanted to control it through telnet port. I found some info on that. I can connect to the telnet port (23) but no command is working for me.
I will try to control the device thhrough RS-232 (I am waiting for a cable).

I tried WiFi/Ethernet. I have the Internet radio working fine. All the checks in the menu shows OK. I did a firmware update when I got the unit.
I use IPs (172.16.x.x) - not sure if this matters, I will try 192.168.x.x soon.

Please let us any fix / solution / workaround you know.
Thanks in advance.


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First the bad news, I have no other solution then WLAN yet :-( :-(

The strange thing is that IObroker gets data via LAN, it appears that just the web interface doesn't work properly on the Denon.

Not sure at the moment if this is the previous receiver display (attachment) or the present and the present just works WLAN. But basically this is the kind of information you get with IObroker via LAN, but not immediately!! So I wouldn't count on using it this way, it's just remarkable that IObroker receives sometimes data....

For those who don't know IObroker, it combines different smart home systems, so for instance you can switch on the radio when you enter your home automatically.

There is something wrong in the LAN response, why it sometimes works but more often not, no clue.



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    2022-05-13 16_12_36-objects - iobroker.png
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I talked about the network issues on the official thread 2020 denon... But no one seems to go there anymore... A shame!
Anyway I too had network issues... And denon never saved my settings...always had to reconfigure wlan!!! What I did was simple and it worked for me anyway :
- I added dhcp reserved address of my denon in router
2- I chose wps on my denon and connected to wifi
3- I saved my settings like 10 times on the denon
4-i went into the web interface and made sure the info was the same as what denon menu said...
Now wifi works great... Only issue is that I did disable wifi in sleep mode... But the setting never got saved... So it is always on anyway!


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I solved my problem!
When you initialize (or reset) your device there is first time wizard running. One of the questions is about "Network Control". It seems I answered "No" the first time. That is why I had all network communication blocked. I did another full reset and answered "Yes". After this I can see the web interface page properly and as well control the unit with telnet commands (yey!).


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