Denon AVC-X3700H Audio Cutouts With HDMI Sources


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My Denon AVC-X3700H receiver has been having issues with audio randomly cutting out for a 1-2 seconds at seemingly random intervals. It can vary from a couple of times per minute to once or twice an hour to every few days. It happens with Sky TV, Apple TV 4k and Samsung Blu-Ray player. It does not happen with music played via Heos.

My set-up is as follows:

Sky Q UHD 2Tb --> Denon (via HDMI)
Apple TV 4k --> Denon (via HDMI)
Samsung Blu-Ray --> Denon (via HDMI)

Denon HDMI ARC OUT --> Blue Stream HEX70B-TX Balun --> CAT 6 Cable --> Blue Stream HEX70B-TX Balun --> HDMI1(STB) Samsung UE46F7 TV

The Denon, Sky Box, Apple TV and Blu-Ray Player all live in an AV rack in a cupboard away from the TV (hence the baluns and Cat6 cabling)

I have audio set to play from the AVR speakers, not the TV.
I also have CEC disables on the AVR as well as on the TV, Sky Q, Apple TV and Samsung Blu-Ray

If I plug the Sky Q and Apple TV directly into the TV HDMI ports and play it with TV sound I don't get any audio cut-outs. That leads me to believe the problem lies with the Denon somehow.

Other things I have tried already to resolve this:
1) Powering all devices off and on
2) Pressing and holding power button on the front of the Denon to force a restart
3) Reset Denon to Factory Settings
4) changed HDMI cables between Sky Q box and the Denon
5) Unplugged all HDMI sources apart from the Sky Q box

None of these changes have made any difference.

I have now tried changing the HDMI port on the TV from HDMI1(STB) to HDMI3(ARC) and have also enabled CEC on the Denon, TV and Skybox. Since doing this the audio cut-outs seem to have stopped. I am not sure though whether it is actually 'fixed' or just a temporary reprieve. I left the apple TV and Blu Ray player disconnected from the Denon when I made this change.

Is it likely that these changes might have made a difference with the issues I have been experiencing? Any other suggestions for things that I might try if this does not work or should I just send the Denon back for a new one?


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When using baluns and Ethernet cabling for long HDMI substitutes, sadly anything can happen especially with 4k and it could be that the signal is momentarily dropping out enough for the AVR to notice it

If you have found a solution which is now working for you, use that (you see one device might be outputting more than the balun can manage and switching the CEC on has sent a signal which is helping it out from the other components in use). I'd go back to the baluns manufacturer to see if they can suggest anything extra for you to try going on your dilemma


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Thanks for the information. For the Sky Q I have the video output set down to 1080p as our Samsung TV isn’t 4K. I don’t know what the Apple TV sends though. I might ask the manufacturer of the baluns but this model is meant to be able to support 4K up to 40 meters ( the distance between the AVR and TV can’t be more than 6 metres in all ). I’d been thinking of upgrading the TV to 4K at some point but am not so sure now.

I will give it another day and then try and re-attach the Apple TV to the Denon to see what happens after that.

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