Denon avc-a1xva futureproof


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I will like to say there are many people out there that think this av amp is a waste. Ok the 5.1 in each room maybe, there is not many people that do that, but myself and most people i have talked to have bi-wired there front speakers and centre and my god it sounds great.Now also people are saying that this amp will be redundant or even have an expiry date. Now I thought it did to, I spoke to one member who I think is very knowlegable and told me that you can add a processor to the amp. I thought you beauty. So today I talked to denon themselves just to get there input and guess what he was right, of course you can. In ten years time whatever technology, if denon decided by then not to upgrade there amps anymore well all we have to do is buy a seperate processor ( Arcam,Parasound, whatever)run it in EXT 1 or 2 Direct mode and guess what our amp becomes a power amp with 7.1 or even 9.1. So to most people out there who think pre/pro is the only way, well denon can do the same also. the advantage denon has over most is it has all the fruit, the sound is great, remember the speakers can also make the difference to. Now don't get me wrong Pre/Pros are good but i think most people say it because : they can't afford it, they don't like it. At the end of the day i just think it's silly to just criticise something that they know is very good. I've seen pre/pros and couldn't argue they look great and sound great and they are very good, but for me the denon won me because i can bi-wire the front, if I getter bigger house with a bigger theatre room i can run 9.1 and now i can even add and change proceesors without having to sell the amp.


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You'll get no argument from me mate.
If I could justify the spend, I'd have one tomorrow.
If I won the lotto, I'd have a 20k valve setup too :D

Glad you're liking it :smashin:
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