Denon: AVC-A1SR vs. DVD A11


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I am about to upgrade my home cinema.
I am not sure about buying a new Amp like the A1SR or an new DVD-Player like the A11.
I would connect the A11 via 5.1 Bypass to my Denon 3803.

* What do you think is more effective: A1SR or A11?

* What do you think about the economic life-time of a DVD-Player versus a digital Amp..isnt it true that the Amp´s life time lasts longer than a DVD-Player's?!



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what dvd player do use at present? do u use your dvd player for god forbid

Do you plan to have a 6.1 setup ie dts es.?

but lookin between the lines unless your dvd player is a dead donkey id go with the amp. the extra omph and better quality internals would be the best value buy.(rather than just the A11s good dacs) youll benefit from the amps higher quality processing etc etc.

also yes dvd players as of now lifspan will be shorter than say 3 yrs ago. HD-DVD will be out within 2yrs and will play your exsisting dvds.
its only realy worth getting the A11 if u plan to use the dvi out.
else your just not getting your moneys worth(no matter how good the component out is).

personaly i woudnt go for the A1SR at the mo as it lacks a few features and isnt the easiest amp to set up to its full potential.
but i hear there usual perodic upgrade is due in the form of a new model as well as rival brands(which have better features.


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thanx for your reply.
Well, I wasnt quite sure which way i should have to go...but due to the fact that economic life-time of the amp is longer, i guess i will go for the a1sr.
Furtermore the a1sr has more power than my 3803 ;)

Nevertheless, the new amp a1sr1 is raring to go, but i think it is just an upgrade containing 3 features i wont use!

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