Denon AVC-A1HD versus AVR-4308




I've just posted on general amps forum but no one replied:(

I need to buy a system (preferably of one manufacturer) which would be great both in stereo and Home Cinema. The system would be connected to Panasonic 58" plasma screen.

I was thinking of the following:
1. Denon AVR 4308 (integrated amp) with DVD 3930
2. Denon AVC-A1HD (integrated amp) with DVD 3930
3. Marantz MM8003 + AV8003 with Marantz DVD (don't know which one)
4. Onkyo <acronym title="Google Page Ranking">PR</acronym>-SC886 (AV processor) + amp (don't know which one)

I'd like to realize one of my dreams from teeneage years and buy Audio Physic's Sparks and put them in front and Yara II Classic + Center + sub in the other locations. They are 4 Ohms, so amps may get little hot.

What I like about Denon are great video codecs (Realta and HQV). Onkyo has only Reon. Marantz got its own codec. I know that Denon AVC-A1HD probably would be the best choice but it is quite expensive. If you had any chance to compare these two Denons 4308 and AVC please tell me if it is worth paying more for AVC. Or convince me not to pay twice the price of 4308 for AVC:):):)

And maybe you'd recommend other speakers' system? The room is about 40m2.

I really count on you:)
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I suggest that you demo both before commiting funds as only you will be able to determine if they meet your needs - I have the AVC-A1HD and it sounds great + it has got a lot of Input / Output capability to meet the needs of most AV requirements.


If you went for the AVC-A1HD you could possibly consider a more modest DVD player that has direct out via HDMI or component? That way you can use the super duper upscaling abilities of the A1HD instead, considered by many to be the best available in an integrated amp at this time...


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What I'm considering is an Audiolab 8000AP, Rotel 1075 power amp, and a DVDO EDGE video scaler/switcher - gives the best of both audio and visual worlds, and comes in at around £2250...
Haven't tried the AVC but do have the 4308 and forerunner AX11 and I've driven martin logan electrostatics off the amp with no worries and that can hit 2 Ohms........

would say go for the 4308 and if you think you may have an issue driving the speakers (don't think you will) use the change to get some dedicated power amps to sit between the denon and speakers...

I also have the Musical Fidelity M250 power amps......

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