Denon AVC-A1D vs AVC-A11SR


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Hi all. :)

The Denon AVC-A11SR has obviously more features (DPL II, 7 channels of amplification, "Pure Direct" mode...) than the AVC-A1D, but how do they compare in terms of music playback and multi-channel processing (I know, very subjective)?

I'd appreciate any opinion on the matter. Thanks. ;)


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I've owned the A1, the A1D and now have the A1SE (upgraded).
In my opinion, the A1D was Denon's least impressive flagship model. A little too bright and with a few strange quirks.

The A1SE trounces it for sound quality alone.
My guess would be as the A11SR is of a similar design to the A1SE, it will probably sound better than the A1D.
With masses more processing power and convenience features, for me it would be no contest.


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Thanks Jules, I'm glad you think so. :)

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