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Denon AVC-A1D or Denon 3802?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by dAvE6, Jun 2, 2002.

  1. dAvE6


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    I've just sold my sony db1070 amp as i'm unhappy with it. I had pretty much decided on the Denon 3802, before i saw the review of the AVC-A1D.

    But i'm confused. It's quite old now, so is it a bad idea to locate one 2 and a half years after it was released?

    How does it compare to the 3802 in terms of sound/features?

    Overkill for my b&w 603/601 speakers?

    Is it not an ordinary amp? It appears to be a power amp, which i know nothing about. And, anyone know places which sell it at a bargain price?

    Any other advice or suggestions welcome.

    Thanks very much.
  2. Guest

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    The A1D was £2,000 worth of amp in it's day and he was often crowned The King bar none. It was replaced by the A1SE and since then the A1/11SR (all still around £2k - £3k). These have added a redesigned rear panel, more digital ins and outs (as if eight wasn't enough !), an extra component video input, a bit more power (170W p.ch.), ES/EX capability, a video circuitry 'off' switch, 'AL24 Processing Plus' and more besides - though not all of these are on all of 'em and weren't added in that order, IYSWIM.

    Alternatively, the cheaper AVC-A10SE is superb if you can find one but it lacks AL24 processing (?) and analog devices OP-275 op amps and probably has less ultimate audio quality in comparison - but only if we're being picky. Whilst it does have ES/EX decoding and assignable power amps, an extra offboard power amp is required for 6/7 channel work such as the dedicated POA-T10. The 10SE lacks the front-panel drop-down flap and has slightly less Watts per channel too (an A1D has 5 x 140W).

    Remember that the lesser 'AVR-' Denons (up to and including the 3802) are all non-THX but they do have tuners aboard - which the high-end models lack. There are some raving in-depth reviews of the A1D to be found online - as well as those by users on Audioreview.com (every one giving five stars). Which review were you referring to ?

    As for comparing Denons for specs, you can get the relevant specsheets via pdf from Denon. They all have similar formatting so it's easy enough to compare models.

    A top-end amp is not going to be overkill for any good pair of speakers. I've no doubt that your B&Ws will be up for it.

    Hope that helps.

    Anyway, my underlying reason for answering in this thread is that I've got an AVC-A1D (absolutely mint with box, remote and manual) which I would consider selling (it's less than six months old and has 18mths warranty remaining). So you certainly got lucky in finding one some two-and-a-half years after it's initial release but it's still going to cost around £750 inc. to prise this 22KG monster off me.

    BTW, I'm selling as a downgrade in order to buy a cheap car.

    Let me know if you might be interested.

  3. Reiner

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    Jul 16, 2000
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    If you are into the latest features and decoding of new surround sound formats but think the AVC-A1SR is too expensive you may wanna consider a 2nd hand AVC-A1SE + Upgrade. That should work out cheaper and give you most up-to-date features except a very few minor ones which the AVC-A1SR will have - but at a higher cost.

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