Denon AVC-A1D menu question


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Recently I bought a nce Denon AVC-A1D amp. It is a secondhand :thumbsup:

I have troubles getting in the menu. I connected the amp with my TV the same way the manual said. With a S video cable. But my on-screen menu doesn't work. And this is the only way to use the menu.

It is not tha button on the remote that is broke. My Brother in law is having the same problems.

Is there someone who knows how to get in the menu?

Thnak you


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Welcome to the forums :thumbsup:

I had exactly the same problem yesterday :D

On the remote, you have two little sliders.
Move the right hand one away from lock.
Hey presto!


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Ah ok then.
When you change source, say from DVD to CD, or whatever, does it flash up for a couple of seconds?
If no, it's a connection problem. Are you definitely in the monitor out-1 socket?

If yes, it's a dodgy remote button.

One other simple thing to forget, are you on the right AV channel on the telly?


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Your english is excellent :smashin:

"cracked it" = sorted, fixed

IE is it ok now?


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You need to connect the TV to the monitor out sockets, I use the S-Video socket. Make sure your TV is on the right AV input, hit the system set-up button on the remote and it should appear.

It's a little primitive by comparison with todays on screen graphics but it works OK.


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Eyy, is there anybody out there? I got the same pain, just got an avc-a1d, and can't see the menü. I connected monitor-out1 with
a v0ideo kabel to a projector, and there's no signal. Otherwise only 2 front speakers are connected, i wanted to try the stereo/large speaker mode. And anyways, i don't get any sound from my mobile into the tuner headphones, nothing else. what else shall i try?
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