Denon AVC A11SR


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I think there was a very very new one for sale on the classifieds not so long ago! I don't know if it is still for sale, that would make sense - But if you really want a new one if you look around enough you will get significanly better prices than those stated above!


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£1260 inc VAT and Delivery for AVforums members! Both colours in stock - Sales can help you out on 01282 864048 because I am doing my Jury Service!!! (terminally boring stuff!)



Do you have a showroom or are you just mail order,as i live in Barlick.



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Hi there!
Opposite the main post office in Colne, double fronted shop - Panasonic signs above both fronts - I would be delighted to give in store callers a full demo in the showroom although you MUST ask for me otherwise you could end up getting showroom prices as opposed to web prices! I work every day exept sunday so give me a call and we can sort something out

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