DENON AVC-A110 - Owner’s Thread


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I’ve decided to create this thread, however, I realise it maybe too close to the well subscribed Denon AVC-X8500H Thread...
... so perhaps just for anything specific for the A110 model?

As I upgraded from the AVC-X6500H I‘ve notice the following after three weeks:

  • Improved sound, richer, more controlled bass with full range front pair and no sub. Infact the whole soundstage sound is an improvement, after the first setup I found myself just listening to music arross all media.
  • Better Audyssey control, needed less tweaking, only turning off the mid-range dip and limiting room correction to <500Hz.
  • Runs significantly cooler, probably as more headroom - I’m only using 8 of the 15 channels.
  • Hopefully, more future proofed with HDCP 2.3 and HMDI 2.1 - yes, I’m aware of the 8K/60Hz chip issue but seeing it in print from Denon that this will be fixed is enough for me. I’m not a gamer and don’t see me using 8K for a long time to come.
Not so good, maybe?
  • While multichannel surround processing like Dolby & DTS switches automatically for a source input, unlike the X6500H, it doesn't automatically switch from a stereo source, that I like to be multichannel stereo, rather it leaves in Dolby processing, which collapses into the centre speaker.

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