Denon AVC-A110 and Monitor Audio Gold 300


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My setup is Denon AVC-A110 with the front Monitor Audio Gold 300, center Monitor Audio Gold C250 and rear Monitor Audio Frame
I have setup my Denon with 4 ohm impedence.
It's correct?
I have read an old post that the correct is to setup the impedence never go under 6 ohm.



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No, set to 8 ohm.

There are plenty of posts on here and elsewhere that go in to full explanations but briefly, setting to 4ohms reduces your amps total output ability which is a bad thing to do.
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As above set it to 8 ohms, the Golds have a nominal impedance of 8 ohms. I think the Frames also have 8 ohms. Why do you think you should set the AV amp to 4 ohms when none of your speakers have that figure?


Sorry but the product spec of the Gold 300 latest series says 4 ohm
Sorry I was looking at the old Gold specs. Yes 4 ohm but still leave your amp on 8 ohms. Setting it to 4 ohms will make it run very hot as you will be setting at the nominal for the speakers and that will increase voltage. The amps are designed to run at 8 ohms and can sustain the drops needed for a 4 ohm speaker and the peaks that it also demands.

Fine speakers.


I've not had the pleasure of listing to the A110 but it is based on the AVC X8500 which is a very good and powerful AV amp and is capable of doing the Golds justice. I have the next tier below but drive my front speakers with an integrated stereo amp that has HT by-pass connected to the Denon.

Overheating is not a problem providing you remain on 8 ohms and give the amp, any AV amp in reality, sufficient ventilation so that the hot air can easily move away. Denons do run very hot and if the ventilation isn't good enough you will be plagued with safety shut downs, especially when driving 4 ohm speakers.


Ok. Thanks.
What kind of integrated stereo do have you?
And now can i connect to my Denon?
I use a Rega Elicit-R, which would be in the ball park of quality needed for the Golds. It's only worth considering a stereo amp if there is a big emphasis on music and you can have all your music sources going through the stereo amp only.

Such amps as connected by the pre-outs from the Denon into the designated connection on the stereo amp, the same way as a pure power amp would be connected. When running with the Denon for watching films or TV the stereo amps acts as a power amp to drive the front speakers.

I would live with the A110 for a while and then decide if you need external amplification for the Golds in either a stereo amp or a pure power amp. It's so simple to set up as to not be a bother in the future.


Ok. Thanks.
I'd use Quboz with my external Dac.
And my dilemma is to add a Power amp or not
Not really it more a wait and see. The A110 may very well be all you need, it is one of the more power AV amps on the market. Certainly you should consider extra power if you go for a full compliment of 13 speakers but in a 5.1 they will be driven with ease.


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Ok. Thanks.
For now only 5.1. Then i listen my music in Pure Direct mode with CD IN source.

Denon play very well.
Now i have setup to 8 ohm.
The Denon Is much hot. But for now no problem.

With 8 ohm setup, can i damage the speakers?


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@seri201, as many have stated above I did set my Denon AVC-X6500H to 6 ohm as my Monitor Audio setup, see my sig, have a mix of 8 & 6 ohm, but soon switched back to 8 ohm as it did indeed seem to run hotter. Loads of good folk explained why and my experience seems to concur, though I’m never pushing the output extremely high, multichannel music or films.

As it’s in a long low cabinet with only an open back and a few gaps at the sides and front I use an AC Infinity AIRCOM T8 air cooler that pulls heat from the top of the AVC, with three slow fans, and pushes it out of the back. This is automatically set to keep it below 33C top case heat and I never hear it.

Hope you don’t mind a question with your AVC-A110, or anyone?
... probably applies to the X6500H
I’ve just upgraded to a A110
from the X6500H, mainly for a sound quality upgrade, which it is, with bit more headroom and thinking of bi-amping my Monitor Audio Silver 500 6 Gen main pair - I only use 6.0.2 hence I could use 4 amps for the front stereo pair using dual cables. Plus a bit more future proofing with HDMI 2.1/HDCP 2.3 and, as the newer lower ranges no longer have the Denon HD Link - to retail this for use with my Denon SACD/CD for, hopefully, many years to come.

The one thing that’s annoying me, ‘just a little’, with the the A110 is that it doesn’t automatically change between my selected Multichannel Stereo ‘mode’ for two channels and Dolby/DTS/Atmos etc ‘mode’ when the audio input changes (HDMI or Optical). The X6500H did this just fine, but with the A110 I have to manually check if only two channels are seen, using the Denon App, and then press the Music mode which I’ve set as Multichannel Stereo. Then, when I see Dolby/DTS 5.1 or more on the input I have to press Movie mode :-(

Otherwise I’m more than happy with the A110, as it’s sounding that bit richer and sweeter (early days and need to redo Audyssey), plus it’s got more headroom when needed. It also runs cooler to the touch, probably also thanks to the single heatsink of the X6500H being one line across the front, whereas the A110 has separate heatsinks across the left and right side with the massive transformer in the middle. Each of these three hot items sit under a fan of the AC Infinity cooler.

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