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Nov 8, 2015
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Hello there I have recently bought this 24kg piece of hardware and I am very sattisfied of the sound quality and everything else.
I have one problem however.
I am unable to send the signal from amplifier to my TV.
Basically the case looks like this: I have this Denon amp and I have Xbox One connected to it through optical cable(for sound) and as this amp does not have any HDMI - Xbox is connected straight to my TV. It works pretty well, no problem with it at all.
What I am trying to do is to connect the amp to my TV just to be able to access the system setup menu. I was trying to connect it by using composite cable connecting Monitor OUT from the amp to the TV. My TV is using HDMI all the time but after connecting the amplifier I am able to switch source to composite. But nothing happens when I do it, it just shows no signal all the time.
I am not too sure about which input option should I choose on the amp remoe/unit. I have tried everything but nothing helps, it is always NO SIGNAL on the TV. My TV is LG 42CS460.

I would be very grateful for any sort of help with this problem. I was aware of the lack of HDMI ports when I was deciding to buy this AV reciever but I never thought that it may be an issue.

Thanks, Radek.
Just had a quick look at your TV's specs and it doesn't appear to have a Composite Input (Yellow RCA). It has a Component Input (Red, Green and Blue RCA's) that can double up as a Composite Input.

According to the Manual you should plug into the Green RCA and then it should be just a case of selecting the correct Input Source via the remote.

Also make sure you're plugged into the Yellow RCA Composite Monitor Out - 1 on the Denon.
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