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Denon AVC-4700H - Headphone Suggestions please ?


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Morning all

Another question / query / bit of advice please ?

My sky q UHD and UHD blu-ray are running through to my Denon 4700H and onto my Philips OLED 805 tv beautifully now, with thanks to all of you with the previous questions.
TV and sound calibrated beautifully and Atmos / vision all good etc
Apple TV 4K soon to be plugged in aswell, so thought we were done ......................

With x 3 boys under 8, my TV watching time is when they're in bed, so can't crank the sound system as much, so got me thinking of getting some decent headphones to link up with the Denon for TV watching.
A can of worms has been opened and where do I start ?

I understand that stereo output is the only option from the Denon, so it's never going to sound like the Atmos etc, but what can I get quality wise ?
Amp bluetooth specs state: SBC codec only ? no apt-x ?

Bluetooth section​

Communications system:Bluetooth Specification Version 4.2
Transmission power:Bluetooth Specification Power Class 1
Maximum communication range:Approx. 98.4 ft/30 m in line of sight ∗2
Used frequency range:2.4 GHz
Modulation scheme:FHSS (Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum)
Supported profiles:Receiver function
A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) 1.2
AVRCP (Audio Video Remote Control Profile) 1.5
Transmitter function
A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) 1.2
Corresponding codec:SBC
Transmission range (A2DP):20 Hz – 20,000 Hz
The actual communication range varies depending on the influence of such factors as obstructions between devices, electromagnetic waves from microwave ovens, static electricity, cordless phones, reception sensitivity, antenna performance, operating system, application software etc.

So Bluetooth or wired headphones ? was thinking wired but some saying convenience of bluetooth and also the quality is better nowadays. Do you miss the quality going bluetooth ?
Don't need noise cancelling. I think closed back headphones.
Do we then dive into needing an headphone amp or a bluetooth transmitter ?
I will at somepoint look to network my music via the denon (if heos works !), if that effects my headphone selection.

Have spoken to a couple of dealers and whilst super helpful, I do seem to be getting slightly conflicting thoughts ?

Could anyone give me any 'starters for ten' please ?

As always many thanks and much appreciated in advance !

Ps not sure which forum to post this one on, so have posted on AV amp and also the headphone forum, apologies if this is wrong and please delete accordingly.


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I'd suggested wired headphones for your purposes. If using Bluetooth then the speakers and the headphones remain as 2 independant outputs. You'd still be getting audio via the speakers and if you mute them while utilising HDMI control between the TV and the AV receiver then chances are that the TV's mute icon will be shown on the TV screen? This is both anoying and can potentially cause burn in on OLED TVs.

The following may also be of interest:

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Open back wired headphones are going to be your best option. The Denons do have a pretty good headphone amp onboard and once the jack is inserted the speakers are automatically muted. All incoming signals are downmixed to stereo.

Open back will give you more of sense of depth with a wider soundstage than you would get with closed back. Quite a few things to consider when buying headphones and top of the list is perhaps comfort. No good getting a pair of headphones that will perform well over half an hour you can bear to keep them on.


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Many thanks for the thoughts and slowly working it out.
From what i can see there's a lot of options out there (to say the least !) and the best thing to do, is to go to a shop that has the various ranges and try them out / demo them.
So currently working out the closest / best shop to do that close to me near Watford.
Any suggestions again would be gratefully received.


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Many thanks for the thoughts and slowly working it out.
From what i can see there's a lot of options out there (to say the least !) and the best thing to do, is to go to a shop that has the various ranges and try them out / demo them.
So currently working out the closest / best shop to do that close to me near Watford.
Any suggestions again would be gratefully received.

Richer Sounds should have a pretty wide selection to choose from and should have most of the most popular options in stock? Whether they'll actually allow you to try them given the COVID situation is unknown?

Maybe also check out a branch of Sevenoaks Sound and Vision:
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I've bought all my headphones from Richer Sounds, they always seem to have the most popular in stock. Like dante has said Covid may make actually wearing them for audition something of an uphill battle at the moment. Look at the availability and search out reviews for comfort.

Meze are something of a newcomer to the headphone market and have been winning plaudits with their Classic 99 especially for comfort and looks great value for money.



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A quick update on my headphone search.

Yesterday I rang round Richer Sounds (left messages) and also Audio Sanctuary to see what can be offered nowadays, Audio Sanctuary were absolutely spot on from the first conversation, talked through what set-up I had, what I was thinking / budget etc,
Basically they said the same as this thread, loads of options / budgets / fit / comfort / closed / open ...... the only way you can really work it out is to demo them, so come to our shop and we can go through it.
I went there this morning and what a great set-up they have, you name it they have it available to sit-down in comfy seats with, plug into tidal or whatever source you need, connect up and work it all out.
As you can imagine their expertise is top quality, customer service cannot be faulted and their patience levels with me were incredible .......... (I was there for over 3 hours ............ sorry)

I reckon I went through half of the shops demo stock and in the end I walked out with a pair of Meze 99 Classics, have to say what a great sound these produce for my personal taste.
Can be driven by my Denon Amp or Iphone etc very easily and when they were run through the shops headphone amp via tidal, no other sets (within that £100-£350 budget) got close at all.

I couldn't get on with many of the open sets, except for the Beyerdynamic Amiron Home ones, which were very close to being bought, but the open just didn't work for me.
Just felt like the sound was getting lost out there and I need something with a bit more ooommmmppphhhhh

I was very, very, very close to getting the Focal Elegia as on offer, but they defo need an amp and even with a very nice tempting deal that was offered, my current budget couldn't stretch to being doubled.

But I'm very happy with these Meze 99's, for my set-up and my budget, the sound quality is head and shoulders above the rest, very light and easily the most comfortable fitting of all the pairs I tried on, compared to some of the bigger heavier units it could be accused of being flimsy but they're not, they've very well made and all the bits are replacable, so should last a fair while.
Bass and mid-range excellent, maybe the treble when really, really pushed was a tiny, tiny bit in your face but overall an excellent sound and amazing value for money but as said it's all down to personal taste.

A massive thanks to the guys at Audio Sanctuary, 100% brilliant and give them a shout if you need to, 100% recommend.

Anyway I've got an un-boxing and set-up to do, hoping my Denon AV Amp has the guts to drive these to as good as the shop one did but that was checked at the shop and can always start adding to my set-up ....................... slippery slope .............

Once again many thanks for all the help and thoughts, this web-site is so helpful.

Ps Sadly for Richer Sounds they rang me to organise their shop visit whilst I was driving back from Audio Sanctory this afternoon, but their message stated they do demo's aswell, they just missed out on my business this time due to slower response time.
But always recommend them especially the guys at the Reading store.

Pps BTW I did have a sneaky test of the Focal Stellia range .................good gawd I'm starting a savings fund................

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