Denon AV2808 help wont turn on


my amps been working fine for ages , today it was all on ok but all of a sudden i just noticed it was off i dont remember turning it off yet when i try and power it on nothing happens even tried a different cable and still nothing.

What could be wrong ?
its ok problem solved i didnt realise there was like another power switch on the front duhhhhhhhhhhhh

sound idea

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A long shot but maybe the electricity supply to the wall socket has failed. You could check this by plugging in a lamp or trying the amp from a known good socket.

Have you checked the trouble-shooting section of the users' manual?

Ah - see the problem is solved
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Yeh, it's a strange quirk of Denon to put the main on/off at the front and on such a tiny switch - the standby one being huge !
Much better to have it at the rear next to the power cord like most other manufacturers, I would think.
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