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Denon Av1801 Toshiba 520E Dolby Digital DVD flag problem?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by gchaplin, Mar 13, 2003.

  1. gchaplin

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    Feb 27, 2002
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    I have a denon AV1801 amp and I have recently changed my dvd player to a Toshiba 520ES.

    When I play a dvd my amp usually changes (in the dot matrix display) to dolby digital or DTS as appropriate. With my new player this does not always happen and stays stuck on pro logic unless I twiddle the selector knob - then it displays Dolby Digital. The display always chages correctly if I start the movie from the start - But the display will not change if I go to scene selection and choose a chapter.
    (the amp is set to auto detect and usually does)
    Also, extras in dolby digital are not always recognised. Conversly it does not always change back from dolby digital to pro logic when you go back to the menu screen from the movie or a dolby digital extra. The only way to reset the signal is to put the dvd player onto standby - changing discs does not help - once its stuck its stuck!

    It has been suggested that this is caused by dvd flags being muted over by the player??? Does this sound true??

    I think it is playing the correct sounds but just displaying the wrong thing in the screen. I have tried another player (sony PS2) and it does not have this problem at all.

    It seams quite random, but discs with a dolby digital menu screen are worse.

    Do I have a knackered player? or just 2 slightly incompatible devices?

    Apart from that it sounds great!


  2. nathan_silly


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    I have a similar problem- when navigating in (some) DVD menu's sound is lost. It's OK when I go to play the disc.

    DVD player is a Sony DVP-S500D, Processor Denon AVD-2000. Only Akira and Shrek menus cause problems.

    I think the Sony mutes the first ms or so (maybe because it's digital noise, and could damage speakers), and the processor can't find the lock on signal so it looses it. When it goes to "play" the disc it must resend the signal and it works. Strange.

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