Denon AV-1802 - What Speakers?


Rawdon King

Hi there,

I recently bought a Denon AV-1802 for normal stereo listening as well as Home Theatre.

I'm now looking to upgrade my speakers. I cuurently have a set of no-namers as the surrounds, and some Mordaunt-Short MS10s (now about 12 years old) in the front. No center speaker or sub as yet.

So my questions is: which speakers would match the Denon amp well? And since I don't have an unlimited budget, I'm looking for good value for money options.

Ideally I would like to make my current Mordaunt-Shorts my surround speakers, and purchase new speakers for the front left, center, and right. But if the 'voice' of the Mordaunt-Shorts at the back would clash with the speakers at the front, then I'm willing to go for a whole new set.

Any ideas? Your wisdom is much appreciated.



I have mine "married" with 4 KEF Cresta 1 and 1 Cresta C and it sounds wonderfull. Sound is rich and detailed.

Rawdon King

Are Mordaunt-Shorts a good match for the Denon amp? Or should I b elooking elsewhere, perhaps at B&W or the Kefs mentioned above?

Thanks, Rawdon



It really depends how much you want to spend (although I'd suggest it's not really worth going overboard - good quality budget designs should be more than good enough) and what type of speakers you'd like (large, small, real wood finish, particular colour/shade etc etc)

Moraunt Short make some decent speakers - I heard a set (only fleetingly though) in RS a couple of weeks ago and they sounded fine to me (think it was the MS904) - that said though, they really didn't sound any better than any number of cheaper alternatives either (it was a quick listen though)

At the end of the day though, it's really down to personal taste.
My own opinion is that there are a few dogs to avoid, but within reason, it's then take your pick which you like best at any given price level. Every model will have it's fans and it's detractors (and in reality, it's strengths and weaknesses) - but you have to make up your own mind, based on your own preferences.

If your MS10 are still in reasonable nick, then they could easily be used as the surround speakers, so you could save a bit there.
The more important match (by a fair margin IMO) is between the centre and the main fronts - and although it's no guarantee, you really stand a better chance of a decent match by sticking to the same make/models for them.

B&W, Kef, Mission, Tannoy, Eltax (some dogs though), Wharfedale (again a few dogs, especially older models), all make decent budget speakers suitable for use in a music/AV system.
Ther are others too!

Personally, I'd check out the Wharfedale Diamonds first - very good for the money IMO. May also be worth a check at Richer Sounds though - they sometimes have good offers on and occasionally even have stock too :)

Backed with a reasonable subwoofer, the Kef Crestas joser mentioned, available (or not :) ) at RS on special offer would make a decent buy IMO - but check you like the sound first. A pair of C1 fronts and the matching centre would only set you back £100 - very reasonable by anyones standards.

Rawdon King

Thanks very much Mike and Jose. One of the reasons I was asking about the best match is that some makes of speaker seem to match better with certain makes of amplifiers. I had heard that B&W matched well with Denon.

Your comments are much appreciated,


i use 2 pairs of 773e,s and a 771 center with my 1802, and they were priced at total=£550 from RICHER SOUNDS, original cost would have been £1000, so they were a bargain.


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With my Denon 1802 I use Mission M73 floorstanders, Mission M7c2 Center, M7ds Rears and IPL Acoustics Subwoofer.

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