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Denon at £4000?




Has anybody seen this monster Denon A/V reciever running yet? :confused:

Any views on it's performance by anybody that has seen and heard it working? How does it stack up against the competition (or not)?

Best regards, Gerald. :)


Distinguished Member
its been out for a while......have seen and heard it....very very nice, way out of my budget tho.....most useful if you wanna have two 5.1 setups, either in different rooms, or run your PC's 5.1 at same time as a film...(which to be honest i often do with headphones and speakers, so wouldnt be a bad idea to own one for me......lol)


Thanks Knyght_byte.

I was thinking of using 5.1 sound but Bi amping each channel.

Just wondering if it is truly £4000's worth.

Gerald. :)


Distinguished Member
tbh i would wait a little till it drops to £3,000, it will eventually...lol, not so much because i dont think its worth the £4,000, more just becuase its been out for a little while now, so the must-have-it-now types have bought it, so sales will drop off and the price needs to be lowered to encourage the next level of users to try it.....

but if you have some powerhungry speakers, being able to biamp from one box would certainly be a useful advantage....if i remember right you can even just biamp your fronts and centre, and still run a 2.1 setup to another room...lol

basically the thing really is useful if you have shed loads of equipment you want to plug in to it....and like to experiment with surround modes, also have buckets of power on tap........

if however you want it so the missus can watch The Bill in Dolby Surround its probably a little over the top..heh

and to please the purists, of course you could get much better sound with a simpler processor and power amps....you just lose all the functionality and switching and stuffz.....heh


Active Member
You takes your chances, as they say, with the import, but already available for £3,333 from World Audio Centre.

They are pretty good with prices actually, and Victoria who answers the emails is knowledgable and helpful. I've not bought fom them myself, as I wasn't looking to spend enough to make a difference, but at this end you might save a few hundred quid.

Jack the lad

Active Member
I have heard it at a mates place. Very nive indeed :thumbsup:

However if I was going to be spending that kind of dosh I think I would be going down the proccessor/power amp route. In fact if I can hide enough away from the missus then I will be ;)



Sounds interesting.

Any suggestions on which Pre / Power combo?

Regards, Gerald.


Distinguished Member
Ask inthe pre/power dection and i am sure there will be lots of suggestions for your budget. I doubt you will find many online retailers offering the products though, so it would be time to find a good dealer to work with.


Standard Member
I have the Denon AVC A1XV and it is fantasic, you can read a in depth review on the US site audioalcoholics (in the US it is called the 5805).

I run it as 7:2 config with the front speakers Bi Amped. Both music and movies are superb, it is certainly better than my pervoius Lexicon MC-1 with Cyrus powers and Rotel power amp.

My view is that is was worth the money ans has also allowed me to consolidate the number of boxes I have.

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