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Regarding DM31 series units.

Firstly, I have searched the site and read reviews but can't see the difference between the DM31 and DM33 (I have figured that the DM35 has digital radio) - does anyone know?

Secondly, I have read contradictory reports about speakers. Some say the Mission made Denon speakers that come with the optional package are a great option because they are 'tuned' to the amp; others say go for a speaker upgrade. Any opinions, and what might a good upgrade be? The speakers would be placed on top of chests of drawers in the bedroom, only a few inches from the wall. Nothing to big.



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Add on a pair of £150-200 speakers. Ive bought a couple of these for friends (DM31s) the Mission speakers are nice but very small, get a bigger set of bookshelves on this unit and it sings.

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