Denon Amps and good speakers - Upgrade time


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Its time I upgrade my kit.

I currently have a Denon AVR-2805 Amp with a B&W speakers and a Kef Sub.
It's time to upgrade my kit as I'm going to get a new Flat screen and might as well get an amp that supports 3D etc.

I have always used my current kit for live input (guitar and voice) through a mixer as well for Karaoke nights etc. again all through the mixer.

I want to make sure that my new kit can handle the live stuff without it clipping or going in to protect mode.

I'd be interested in getting recommendations for replacement kit for these, Would the Denon AVR-1912 be a good upgrade. Should I get new speakers or keep the ones I have?

Thanks in advance for th ehelp.



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The 1912 is a level below your current amp so although it will have more features if anything it will probably represent a drop in sound quality. Whether this drop in sound quality will be noticeable to you only you can tell but I would demo first. If you are looking to buy soon then you may be able to still pick up one of last years models for a good price. These all have 1.4HDMI so will have all the features you need the Denon 2311/3311 have been sold at great prices and so have the equivalent Yamaha models 1067/2067. The later Denon and Yamaha models would be a step up in quality while the others would be similar quality to your current reciever. What speakers do you have (model)? Speaker technology does not move very quickly so if you have got good speakers already they will still be good. Once we know your current models we can recommend other speakers to you but assuming you have some good ones already then new speakers to improve sound quality could cost a fair bit.


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So the 2311/3311 would be an upgrade?

My speakers are as follows.
2x linn classik unik
3 x B&W VM1
1 Kef Sub - ill get the model later for this.

Also do you have any idea's on prices for the Amps you mentioned? Also do you have any idea for requirements or what I should be looking for so I am still able to run the Karaoke / Live through it. I've seen a lot of other systems at friends houses that go in to protect mode when this is attempted.



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The 609 is the same level as the 1912 so is a downgrade. The 2311 is around the same level as your current reciever and the 3311 is the level above so a real upgrade. Onkyo also sound a lot different to Denon so demo first to ensure you like it.
As for the mixer you often find higher models are more tolerant of other items i.e. lower impedance speakers etc. hence getting higher models should help with protection mode etc.
What restrictions woud you have on speakers i.e. size? Looking at your speakers improvement can be made but cost will depend on limitations. Something like monitor audio apex range would go well with the higher level amps as would b&W m1s. But if you can go for more conventional speakers then better can be bought for less.


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Not too limited on size. Would be interested in hearing the different options and an idea of costs.
I will look at the Denon 2311 or 3311 depending on Price. Def don't want to go backwards. Any other Amps you would recommend in place of the Denon range - I'm a bit brand loyal at the moment!


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The Yamaha models I have already suggested or have a look at Marantz the 7005 would be well worth a listen.


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I haven't noticed any drop in quality when replacing my Marantz SR6001 from a few years ago with the Denon 1911 recently, even though the SR6001 would be considered as a step up from the 1911.

I was similarly not wanting to go backwards but due to various reasons and limited demo availability went for a 1911.

Would definitely be worth a listen I reckon. Inputs limited and no netwokr stuff, but has it where it counts with sound quality.

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