Denon amplifier THX modes


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I use a Denon AVCA1SE (soon to be upgraded) and have been playing around with playback modes after re-reading a section of the fairly poor manual.

In the manual there is a list of recommended playback modes for various source material formats, and for 5.1 playback of DD sources it says 'Home THX Cinema' is the optimum mode and has been optimised for movie playback. To engage this mode the maunal says you merely press the 'Home THX Cinema' button when playing a the source, but upon doing this I get 'THX 5.1' and not 'Home THX Cinema'.

I have rear (EX/ES) speakers connected but flag detect is OFF and SB channel is OFF. Does anyone know why this occurs and I am not getting 'Home THX Cinema'?


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Don´t worry, you are getting THX it´s just the way Denon have chosen to display it on the front panel THX 5.1 is for Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 sources. To get Home THX Cinema on the display feed it an analogue signal or a Pro-Logic signal then you´ll see it (if my memory serves me right!!).


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Thanks a lot Jase, I do get 'Home THX Cinema' with ProLogic sources. Guess it's just the crappy manual confusing me...


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have you noticed that in some parts of the manual it refers to the 1se as the avr5800? the manual is crap but at least the amp ain't! i too have an standard a1se, are the upgrades still availible then and are they still the same price? (£600)


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There is a new shipment (apparently the last) of upgrade boards due in November. I have paid the full amount of £600 already to be sure of one of these as I didn't want to miss out...

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