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Denon amp reacting to other remotes


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I have a weird problem with our Denon PMA1500AE-amp. Sometimes when I use the remote for our Squeezebox Classic the Denon starts changing inputs or it tries to turn itself on/off several times (the power indicator starts blinking and I hear the power on/off click). I have not seen it happen with any of our other remotes and it just happens periodically.

I have no idea what's going on and I have googled it without finding anything. Is there anyone who knows or have an idea what the problem might be?

Edit: This is a new problem, we have used both components for years without this happening
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A very minor possibility, but check the batteries in the remote. If the signal gets down pretty low, it might be confusing the amp.

Though overall I haven't got a clue why this is happening, since it just now started happening.

Perhaps others will have some better ideas.



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Do you have other Squeezebox devices in the house? If so you could see if that remote also affects the amp. Struggling to think how else you will isolate whether it's the remote or the amp.


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I just have the one unfortunately, but it has happened both with the original remote and with the universal remote that we have (but only when controlling the Squeezebox).

(Both remotes have probably been low on power though)

I don't know, that it has happened with two different remotes probably makes it more likely that it's the amp, but weird that it only happens when controlling the Squeezebox.


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I use my phone or my iPad most of the time, but sometimes it's easiest to go for the remote with its physical buttons :)

However, if it keeps happening and/or gets worse I'll stop using the remote, it can't be good for the amp to get on/off commands 10 times or more in rapid succession.

Thanks for the help!


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Yes, I do that every night. It has a physical button that turns it completely off. I have not removed the power leads though. I can try that tonight (if I remember it) just in case.

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