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Hey everyone,

I have a weird issue with my Denon AVR 4306, it's set up in a 5.1 configuration i.e. Front L+R, Centre and Sub, then surround speakers set up as Surround L+R.

The configuration is HDMI out from the media server, directly into the AVR, and AVR HDMI out to the screen only. Media Server is running Windows 10 and Plex is my media streamer. If I want to watch something in surround, I use the Plex player directly in Windows. Plex is set up to passthrough audio directly to the AVR for it to work it out, most files are DTS 5.1.

The issue is there is no sound coming out from the surround speakers. When watching files the AVR recognises the incoming stream as DTS and the LCD is showing the correct speaker configuration, but there is nothing coming through those channels.

I've performed the Denon Test Tone (forgot how loud that is!) and sound comes out from each speaker correctly as per the configuration, so the speakers are connected properly at least.

Windows 10 does have some speaker configuration too, initially this was set up as Stereo, I've switched this either of the 5.1 set ups. i.e. surround as back speakers or side speakers and no test tone comes through, everything else works properly there. I've downloaded some 5.1 test videos and a similar things happens, only the surround test comes through the front speakers instead.

Has anyone got an ideas, short of completely resetting the AVR?



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With absolutely no evidence my gut feeling is the PC is the issue having had similar issues in getting 5.1 out of a connected HTPC in the past.

With my unfounded suspicions in mind is there any chance you have another HDMI equipped source you could try as a test, maybe a DVD/BR player.

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Yep, I agree, it's most probably a Windows thing. If you set Windows to 5.1, it will always send 5.1 audio to the AVR, and if that audio is in stereo, it sends silence to the centre and surround channels. The AVR thinks it is getting 5.1 so won't allow an upmix, even though three of the channels are silence.

That, together with the Plex for windows amp not supporting multi channel audio, is probably your issue.

Set windows audio to stereo.

Use either Plex Media Player, or Kodi with the Plex Add-On and set it to bitstream audio to the AVR.


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Hey both, thanks for responding! So I took your advice and found the same issue when watching and Bluray on the PS4, so I poured through all of the amp settings again....

Speaker Size = Small combined with Subwoofer = LFE + Main meant either no, or inaudible signal being sent to the rear speakers. Setting it to LFE only and et voilá, surround sound is back again!


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