Denon Amp avc 11



Gotthe above amp and it has developed a problem. When you turn volume down to minimum and then up one knotch the speakers bang also when switching over inputs, dsp simulations, stereo, direct. Basically can't touch a button without first turning off the power amps to stop the surge. A slight nuisance. anyone have any ideas.


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is this like a blip when you change inputs etc..? if so, i had this problem when i first got my 1se and i sent it back, they replaced it as it was only a week old. i would advise contacting whoever you bought it from


I had the same probel with a Denon stereo amp. 1315.
Take it back to the dealer.
My Denon AVC A11SR has another problem. If i use the powerswitch or pull out the mains cable it goes back to default settings.:( A pain in the a** to set up all of it every time the power is out. It's a big thing to drag back to the shop aswell.

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