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Hi all,
I've got a Denon A1SR amp which I'm partnering with my plasma & I'm struggling to work out what audio inputs can be delayed (lip sync is driving me mad on Sky+). Unfortunately the manual is pretty unhelpful - really badly worded & unclear.
Hopefully someone else can help with a few questions:

- is the audio delay input specific or a global setting?
- can the audio delay be set for 2-channel L/R phono inputs or only for digital audio (coax/optical)?
- does the video that matches the audio being delayed have to be switched thru the amp? (Sky+ feeds my plasma direct via SCART-VGA converter - it's only the audio that routes via the amp.)
- is there any IR shortcut to access the audio delay option on the A1SR directly or to set pre-defined delays via a smart IR code? (Trying to make the Pronto set-up WAF friendly)

Appreciate any help. Thanks!

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Hi Prof Yaffle,

Don't beat yourself up, SKY+ is notorious for lip sync. Am an AV installer and it is one of the many bane's of our lives explaining to clients about SKY+ and lip sync. We have found a hardware work around which involves a pieve of kit by a company called Kramer. Will get the details and pass them on. Have seen and heard this little box of trick in action and it does appear to sort the problem out.

Hope this has helped.


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prof yaffle

The Audio Delay can be set for each input independently. When you're on an input e.g DVD just go into the main setup menu, select Audio Delay and adjust as necessary. Repeat this for all inputs you need to adjust (you physically have to switch inputs).

Audio Delay can only be set for a digital signal or for an analogue source if you use a mode that converts analogue to digital and back again eg. Dolby PLII. You can't add delay to an analogue signal if you're using Stereo Mode for example.

You don't need to have the video running through the amp to use the Audio Delay.

I don't know of any shortcuts to access the Audio Delay directly, you need to use the Setup Menu.

I use 60ms delay for both Sky and DVD's running through a Video Processor to my Plasma. :)

Hope this helps.


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HK and Pioneer are better than Denon on this. The frame delay is on the remote and can be changed 'on-the-fly'.
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