Denon Advm71



Posted this on the "All in One" forum, but got no responses, wondered if anyone in here had one ??!!

Anybody got one of these ?? I'd like to know how effective the "virtual dolby" system is on these ? I'm a little sceptical as to how effective this system can be using only 2 front speaker ?

Anyone got one, got any opinions ??

Thanks everyone,


i've had one of these for several months now and i rate it very highly. The audio quality is excellent and video through RGB Scart is very sharp. Virtual dolby is a great feature and gives much improved sound movement from side to side. It can't recreate a rear sound field but al the same is a large improvement over stereo. I just wish it had component out!

Thanks for your reply !

I read a review somewhere that said the sound improved dramatically when used with a set of floorstanding speakers. Out of interest what speakers are you using it with - the standard SCM51's that DENON recommend, or have you got it hooked up to something else ?


i had something else (eltax monitor iii) but then regretted it and went for the scm51s and haven't regretted my choice since.

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