Denon ADV-M71 - anyone have direct experience of it they'd like to share?


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My take on this device is a bit different from what most people's is likely to be, in that I'm mostly interested in its headphone capabilities. :smoke:

Although it has an awful lot of stuff packed into it that I'd never use, it is nonetheless the closest I've yet encountered to a stand-alone Dolby Headphone processor - something that allows you to feed a 5.1 bitstream in one end, and get a stereo Dolby Headphone signal out the other. (Ideally I'd prefer the output to be PCM, but one can't have everything!)

Has anybody had a chance to listen to its Dolby Headphone output? Failing that, does anyone have anything to say about its capabilities as a DVD player? How does the video output stack up to (say) an Arcam DV27 if you don't care about progressive scan?
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