Denon ADV-M71 - anyone have anything good or bad to say about it?


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Tried this thread on the "All In One" group a couple of weeks ago, and got no responses at all. :(

Figured I'd try it here before giving up....

My take on this device is a bit different from what most people's is likely to be, in that I'm mostly interested in its headphone capabilities.

Although it has an awful lot of stuff packed into it that I'd never use, it is nonetheless the closest I've yet encountered to a stand-alone Dolby Headphone processor - something that allows you to feed a 5.1 bitstream in one end, and get a stereo Dolby Headphone signal out the other.

Has anybody had a chance to listen to its Dolby Headphone output? Failing that, does anyone have anything to say about its capabilities as a DVD player? How does the video output stack up to (say) an Arcam DV27 if you don't care about progressive scan?


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The Denon seems to get good reviews but the CD replay isn't up to that of the 31 stereo unit. Superfi seem to be selling them quite cheaply at the moment. If you're interested in just a headphone output look in your local Currys, I purchased a little Sennheiser Prologic decoder from Currys last week for ~£20. It has a headphone socket. I haven't had time to try it out yet but an earlier (more buttons) model got good reviews in HCC sometime around 1998-99 (I think). OK, it's not a 5.1 input but it might be worth a try for the money.

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I bought a unit in Nov 03.

It worked perfectly up until May and then it has been a bit of a nightmare.

To cut a very long tory short the unit needed a new laser unit.

Estimated time of reapir = 5 moinths !!!!

4 months 3 weeks of this would be waiting for the part from Japan.

I like the unit a lot, but Denon service people leave a lot to be desired.
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