Denon ADV-71 (Combined DVD/CD + FM Radio + Amp) - Unserviceable DVD/CD player


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2003 unit, DVD now U/S. Unit only rarely used in last 10 years.

The DVD is plated as being a product of the Korean company Raymedia and the model number is RL S871 of 2003 vintage (See image below)

Will not read discs of any type and makes rattling/clacking sound as if the head drive rack is slipping against the motor pinnion. But there's no visible damage or wear on the rack or pinnion. . . . the tray mechanism works fine.

Previously "Repaired" by retailer 10 years ago for same fault and, subsequently, "Fettling" again by myself kept it going for a few more years (Laser cleaned and laser head tracking bars cleaned and lubricated). Most recently, I twiddled the "Pots" on laser head this way and that to determine if its a reduced laser output issue (Dying diode), but to no effect. But now it has totally given up the ghost. And there appears to be no further advice, beyond the actions I've already taken on the web or You Tube.

Frankly, in the absence of professional equipment, other vthan the odd Fluke multimeter, its difficult to ascertain where the fault lies in the laser head itself, the laser head transmission and/or drive mechanism or in the single electronic control board that is attached underneath the DVD drive.

As I'm not over keen about wasting money on replacing individual component parts sequentially until the issue resolves, particularly as I'm not sure on the compatibility, servicability or fitting requirements of component parts (Some parts may need alteration of the instructions held in EEPROMs as well as the trimming of operation using an Oscilloscope), I decided to seek out a complete replacement DVD unit.

I contacted the principal UK Denon parts supplier twice over the last two weeks but had no response about the possibility of supply yet.

So I've been looking elsewhere, but I haven't been able to identify any complete DVD units that are compatible.

All there seems to be are oddbins of "Look-alike" component parts e.g. laser heads, baseplates + laser heads + laser head drive motors available from a variety of suppliers, principally on E-Bay, and no statements as to compatibility or fitting instructions. Again, I'm not keen to waste money on trying as reports from those that have done that, on the whole, are negative.

Research indicates that the DVD baseplate on which the laser head drive motor, laser head and rails are mounted is rather similar to the Sanyo SF-HD60 units which are widely advertised for sale on E-Bay. However, on contacting the principal seller of this type of replacement part on E-Bay, their response stated that only laser heads were available from them and not the complete baseplate and mountings as advertised.

I won't be binning the unit as the amp and tuner are still A OK and I am still able to play DVDs/CDs from the adjacent desktop tower and route the output optically or electrically into the ADV-71 amp section. But it would be nice to get the DVD working again.

Short of doing 100 laps of my garden ( A postage stamp, tee hee !), any ideas how this repair could be taken foward ?

P.S. I see Argos are knocking out the "End-of-line" successor of this unit @ £250 (But not advertising as such), so there must be the spare new DVD units in stock somewhere, if not in the UK, . . . then in Japan . . . and the principal appointed Denon UK Parts supplier advised that they order all parts from Japan.



Baseplate - top down

Raymedia - RL -5871_AK16_2003 -20200717.jpg

Baseplate -bottom-up

Raymedia -RL - 5871_AK16_2003 -20200717.jpg

DVD Control Board




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