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I am currently considering the Denon ADV-700 system and have seen that hifibitz are offering it at £660 with a free SC-50HTB speaker package.

I have found the ADV-700 in a local store but could only listen to it with a set of Mission speakers which would add £300. It sounded great but I wondered if anyone out there has got the SC-50 speakers and could give an opinion.

I would appreciate any response as until now I have been drawn towards the Sony DAV 550 system due mainly to space limitations. Would the extra £200 for the Denon be worth it or am I expecting too much from a "free" set of speakers?

I know that I will attract comments regarding seperates and welcome these too but as with many others the size and aesthetics of the equipment need to satisfy the wife i.e. small speakers, silver finish ,minimal amount of remotes etc.

Thanks in advance.
I saw the Denon again today and I think Ive decided to go for it. I thought that my enquiry might be too specific for most of you so I will trust my instincts (and the brand to a certain extent). If anyone is interested I will try and post my full opinion of it once installed. If in the meantime you read this please post your thoughts.


I understand that the ADV-700 is a very good piece of kit, considerably better and more flexible than any of the Sony DAVS, although I have not seen it in action. More significantly, however is the following.

I may be too late to warn you, but Denon are about to replace the ADV-700 with the ADV-1000. It is due in the shops any day now and is already available in Germany.

It appears to be very similar to the ADV-700 but has a much meatier amplification section at 55w per channel and also an amplified output for sub-woofer rather than just line-level. As the figures quoted by Denon are at 6 ohms rather than the more commonly noted 8 ohms, an increase of 20w per channel could well be worth investigating. Denon also claim that 2 channel music playback is much enhanced, but I have yet to see any reviews for it. Full details are posted on the Denon website.

I have only seen it advertised in one place so far, on the Unbeatble website at £559, I think. This price doesn't include the speakers but would leave you an extra £100 towards the Missions if you wanted them.

Hope this helps a little.
Thanks Silverpines

That may explain why nobody has the adv-700 in stock. I have pre-ordered the 700 for a supposed mid Oct delivery but will investigate the adv1000 more before accepting delivery. Looking on the unbeatable website I also found the adv1000/S for £718 but no details of the difference. It could possibly be speakers but I will contact unbeatable to find out more as the Denon website doesn`t show details of the S version. If it doesn`t include the speakers then I will be getting way out of my budget I`m afraid(It started at £450 for a DAV)

Thanks again
I e-mailed Denon today. The 1000/S does include speakers but they didn`t give any details of them (strange). I am interested but suspicious as the 6 speaker package only adds £160 to the price of the ADV 1000, but wouldn`t have thought that Denon would provide a lousy package. Anybody got any info or experience of Denon packages?

If you check on various websites, the speaker package that HiFiBitZ were offering free with the ADV-700 (the SC-50HTB if I remember correctly) was retailing for anywhere betweeen £230 to £300. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Denon were able to throw them in as a package, just adding £160 to the price, simply to go head to head with the likes of Sony, Pioneer and Yamaha. My guess would be that they will be fine as far as they go, and certainly no worse than Sony DAVs - after all the Denon comes with a powered sub-woofer, whereas I believe most if not all the other all in ones have passive units. I very much doubt, however, that they will be on anything like par with systems such as the Mission FS1 or 2, Energy Take 5.1, KEF Eggs or Acoustic Energy Aego 5.

The great advantage that the Denon gives you, however, is that you can always upgrade to these speakers at a later date if you find the Denon supplied package inadequate. It would be very difficult to do this with any of the other systems which come with matched speakers designed to work specifically with that unit. I don't really see how you can lose here.

I had a call yesterday from my local branch of Sevenoaks Sound and Vision to say that the ADV-1000 would be in stock within the next 2 weeks (they had their Denon rep in the store). I was, at one stage looking to purchase one myself, but now have decided to go down the separates route (and in the process spent almost twice as much as I had planned!).
Thanks again Silverplines

Spending twice as much as you planned seems to be catching on these forums!

I cancelled the order for the ADV-700 today as I`d rather spend the extra £50 on the ADV-1000. Also got an e-mail from Denon confirming that the speakers for the ADV-1000 should be in dealers by now.

Looking back over your previous comments what exactly do you mean by "an amplified output for sub-woofer rather than just line-level" Does this mean that if I don`t chose the Denon speakers that I would need a specific sort of sub or would it just mean that more power going into the sub would mean more power coming out?

The reason I ask is that a work colleague of mine is trading up from an Eltax 5.1 speaker package(powered sub) and has offered me them at a good price. I could probably borrow them first to test but wouldn`t want to waste my time if they won`t work.

Excuse my ignorance and thanks again to any offer of help or advice

I believe the ADV-1000 has both a line level output for the subwoofer (i.e. unamplified, and thus requiring the sub-woofer to be an active or powered version with it's own in-built amplifier) and an amplified output (similar to outputs for normal speakers, meaning you can connect a passive or unamplified subwoofer). This is an enhancement to the ADV-700, which only had a line level output. This gives you the flexibility to connect either type of subwoofer to the machine (again something that very few, if any all in one's seem to offer).

I have no knowledge about the quality of the Eltax package, but you will happily be able to connect it to the ADV-1000 and it's in built amplifier in the subwoofer will determine the level of bass it will output. I seriously doubt that for around the same money, you will do better than Denon's own speakers, which will have been optimised to work with this system, so if the Eltax you were contemplating were a similar price, I would be surprised if they worked out to be a bargain, but if they are substantially more expensive, then they may be a better bet.
Ive got a ADV700 with the SC50 speaker package. And to be honest, in pict and sound it will rival many component systems. The sound for films is incredible. For music, its not too bad, but not great either.
Id probably wait for the ADV1000 as itll give you more power, therefore clearer and hopefully better music sound.
Thanks Creative

It`s nice to hear from someone using the ADV - I was begining to think they`d never sold one. I will definitely wait to hear the ADV-1000 with the Denon supplied speakers but I will also check out the other speaker possibilities in the meantime. The scope for speakers is far greater now as I dragged the wife into RS today and her fear of large speakers/stands etc evaporated when she heard the sound from them. I`d best be off to the speaker forum.

Thanks again
Ah. Also bear in mind the ADV700/1000 doesnt come with component video outputs. It only has 1 x RGB Scart. So if you were after component connections, then the Denon would probably need to go at the bottom of your list.
rgb output is just fine for my requirements and I don`t have any issues with the pic quality of the Denon - my only concern is the audio side of things. The ADV-1000 is uprated to 55 w/ch at 6 ohms and my concern is now what type of speaker package it will happily drive. I am still undecided here and anything from Denons own package through to Mission fs-1 and on to stand mounted Mission m72 and anything in-between. I would prefer a smallish discrete set up but only if the sound is right and although my budget has increased considerably from when I started this project cost is of course important. Again any comments on this proposed set-up appredciated.
Talk about timing. Only this weekend I was out trying to get some info. about the ADV-1000. Went to JL and they tried to flog me a Pioneer. Didn't know when/if they would be getting in the Denon. Then went to Sevenoaks. What a waste of time. The "salesman" couldn't care less. Won't ever be using them again.

I'm getting a new Sony 36" iDTV in Nov. and noticed that the shelf stands are smaller than my current tv. That means my amp/dvd player which I only purchased will have to go and that's why I am looking for an integrated DVD/AMP. The Denon looks nice and the spec. seems better than the Sony DAV systems.

Thanks a lot to you guys for the info. I will definately be ordering the Denon. Luckily I can wait till Nov. so I might ask JL to order it for me.
I finally got an e-mail back from unbeatable regarding the speakers for the ADV-1000. They are the same as those available for the 700; the SC-50`s and the more expensive SCAV 100 flat panel ones. I am still undecided whether to go for either of these or more likely the Mission fs-1`s. The total price for the adv-1000 and fs-1 at qed is £872 which is in-between the two offerings above.

I don`t know where you are Alim, but my JL said they won`t be stocking the 1000 and wouldn`t price match qed anyway so let me know if you have any joy. Good luck.
Sorry alim my earlier post is incorrect - qed don`t stock the ADV-1000. Best price found is from at £559 ( the fs-1 speakers were from qed at £313). I don`t think Jl will match unbeatable either as they have no stores.
Marbles - I originally went to the Watford JL. However, yesterday I popped into High Wycombe JL where they were a lot more helpful. Their initial price estimate is that the amp will be £750 and speakers will be £250. However, they will be coming back to me with a firm price in the next 2 days and I will post it here when I get it. The salesman thought that the cheaper SC50 speakers packed more punch and were his recommendation. The only issue I have is that I couldn't find any decent speaker stands for them.

I phoned up Hifi Bitz and their price was £645 for amp and £70 for speakers. I'm a bit nervous about mail order so haven't decided what to do yet.
To be honest, and personally, i thought the SC50 sounded better than the plat panel Mission / Denon speakers.
But if its looks that your worried about, then, yes, the flat panels are the ones to go for.
for stands, go to ikea, there only £15 odd quid, but they look wicked under the SC50s.
I ordered mine from Hifibitz, and the service was brill. There technical guys are pretty good aswell. Hifitiz = 9/10. And if your not happy with it within 14 days, you can return it.... Not a bad deal.
Thanks a lot for that. When I spoke to Denon they also recommended the Ikea stands. I don't suppose you remember the model number do you? Are the speakers actually secured to the stands?

The only thing about Hifi Bitz is that after 28 days if the equipement goes wrong you have to send it to them at your own cost for repair under warranty.
No sorry i dont remeber. But i know hey are in the latest catalogue. They are silver with a silver block (brick sort) at the bottom.

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