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Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Jase, Aug 10, 2001.

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    This may be of interest to fellow A1SE owners.

    After queries about upgrades to this amp, my cousin got onto THX about it, mainly about THX post processing for DTS ES discrete on the new AVR4802. He got this reply:

    "Actually no. They are correct, the 5800 was the first ES discrete product ever. When you are in ES discrete mode and you press the THX surround EX button, it drops out of discrete mode and goes into matrix mode. You get the benefit of THX features but you lose the benefit of a discrete back channel. This is for many reasons, most of them legal. THX surround EX is a matrix technology and therefore you can not have THX surround EX after a discrete technology. So this is why we made the change to ES discrete + THX(ie not ES discrete + THX surround EX- get it? it is confusing) on the 4802. So yes the 4802 is the first with discrete plus THX features. The benefit of the 5800 is that it is upgradeable. Denon is the kind of company that supports their products, thats all i can say about that."

    So anyone whos been listening to discrete material with the THX button engaged hasnt been getting discrete rear back channels!

    Hope this is of interest.


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